Pimp sentenced to six and a half years | Bought for a drug debt, a woman experiences an ordeal

Rebecca* was living on the street with an abusive partner when Jeffrey Audet somehow “bought” her in exchange for a drug debt. She was 19 years old. For years, she had to deal with up to 35 “clients” a day. Every day. Even though he admitted his wrongs on Tuesday, his executioner puffed out his chest in the dock.

With a mocking smile and an arrogant look, Jeffrey Audet seemed at ease during the hearing at the Montreal courthouse. The pimp did not hesitate to stare at the victim and the journalists. To the point where a constable had to place himself between him and the public.

Despite the seriousness of the hearing, Jeffrey Audet, all smiles, threw kisses to his loved ones from the accused box. When Rebecca burst into tears during the hearing, a relative of the pimp became exasperated in the room. “Ah! Please ! », Launched the woman from Camp Audet.

The 35-year-old Montrealer pleaded guilty Tuesday to three counts related to pimping. He was sentenced to 18 months in detention, the result of a joint suggestion. This sentence may seem lenient, taken in isolation. But in fact, his total sentence is six and a half years for two victims, since Jeffrey Audet was sentenced last winter to five years in prison for pimping a minor.

“I have after-effects that have haunted me for seven years. Since the day Jeffrey came into my life, I have suffered countless abuses. I do not recognize myself anymore. The woman I was at 19 is no longer there,” Rebecca testified, on edge, alongside the investigator.

Rebecca found herself in the clutches of Jeffrey Audet when he paid the young woman’s partner’s drug debt. He also gave the man drugs in “exchange” for Rebecca. His grip was beginning. Initially, the pimp kept 40% of the fruits of prostitution, before monopolizing the entirety.

For years, Rebecca had to prostitute herself six to seven days a week and offer her services to around ten “clients”. Even up to 35 times a day. It was Jeffrey Audet who managed everything: clients, announcements, prices, etc. He forced her to work even during her periods. According to the victim, the pimp had several firearms.

Since she left his grip, Rebecca has been trying to rebuild herself. She returned to school and aspires to find a career. But the young woman must fight against dark thoughts, anxiety and stress. A titanic challenge for this woman broken by years of trauma.

Today, Rebecca just wants peace of mind.

“(I would like) to have a little more light and gentleness in the rest of my life and end up being at peace with what I suffered and being at peace with myself,” she whispered. , upset.

“I’m not able to say more, I’m too blocked… I’m not capable. I’m able to. I can’t take it anymore,” she concluded, overcome with sobs.


Jeffrey Audet, who gives journalists the fingers of honor in 2023 on the sidelines of his trial for pimping

If he pleaded guilty quickly in Rebecca’s case, Jeffrey Audet went all the way to trial in the minor victim’s case. Judge Antoine Piché found him guilty last October and imposed a five-year prison sentence last February.

In this case, it was the teenager’s mother who helped free her daughter from the pimp’s grip. While searching for her daughter’s cell number on the Internet, the mother discovered that she was offering sexual services. The police located the teenager the same evening.

*Fictitious name to protect identity

The story so far

February 2020: Jeffrey Audet is accused of pimping a minor. She was saved by her mother.

February 2024: The pimp is sentenced to five years in prison for pimping a teenage girl

April 2, 2024: Jeffrey Audet pleads guilty to pimping an adult. He was sentenced to an additional 18 months in prison.

reference: www.lapresse.ca

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