Pilar Alegría will introduce an economics subject at ESO to create entrepreneurs

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The Minister of Education and Vocational Training, Pilar Alegría, has a challenge ahead: to train entrepreneurs. This is evident in the proposal for academic organization in stages of Secondary Education and high school that his department has sent to the Autonomous Communities this Monday.

The draft, which will be debated by the technicians of the Ministry and the autonomous communities tomorrow, Wednesday, modifies part of the current curriculum of the ESO and Baccalaureate. It includes training related to entrepreneurship, economics and knowledge of “the human” to develop the vocational projections of students for the future.

A mixture of economic and sociological knowledge that will be taught divided into three optional subjects from 4th of ESO onwards. As reflected in the draft that EL ESPAÑOL has had access to, during that course the students will have the optional subjects of Training and personal and professional guidance, from Digitization and of Economy and Entrepreneurship.

Three innovative agendas to form projects of Elon Musk (Tesla), Jeff Bezos (Amazon) or Amancios Ortega (Inditex).

As the document argues, the subject of Entrepreneurship Economics it will help students to acquire “economic and financial knowledge”. “Economy and entrepreneurship are brought together to enhance the creative and initiative spirit, offering tools to carry out their projects”, they allege.

Similarly, the subject of Digitization, also taught in 4th year of ESO as optional, will address digital competence from “the exercise of responsible and critical digital citizenship”.

The last of the subjects in this entrepreneur’s pack is Training and personal and professional orientation. This new 4th year ESO subject proposes an approach “to the knowledge of the human from disciplines such as psychology, anthropology and sociology”.

Itinerary of fourth of ESO.

Itinerary of fourth of ESO.


“This subject contributes to knowing and training personal and social skills necessary to participate, create and develop in human groups, both in the personal, social and academic fields with a vocational and professional projection towards the future,” explains the draft sent to the Communities.

These three electives will be offered to ESO students together with Biology and geology, Artistic Expression, Physics and Chemistry, Latin, Music, Second foreign language and Technology. Thus, these seven subjects (plus the previous three) will be offered in an option package from which the student will only be able to choose three.

This model in 4th year of ESO is a step towards the specialization of the student before reaching the Baccalaureate. Something that has been going on for several years and that, according to the intentions of the Ministry of Education in its Spain 2050 plan, is going to increase.

In fact, the draft sent this Monday makes this fact visible from the beginning of the Compulsory Secondary Education. During the courses 1st, 2nd and 3rd of ESO Communities will have the option of offering electives on classical culture or on the development of digital competence.

high school

This training for entrepreneurs will also continue in high school. Specifically, in the branch of Humanities and Social Sciences the subject of Company and business model design which will be studied in the second year of high school.

As this newspaper has advanced, from the next academic year, students in Baccalaureate will be able to choose up to five different Baccalaureate modalities instead of the current three.

What Alegría is proposing to the Autonomous Communities is to once again unfold the Arts modality that the Wert law eliminated and establish one of Music and Performing Arts, and another in Plastic Arts, Image and Design.

In addition, and following the Education law that the Government approved in 2020, the so-called “Open high school” a line in which the student will be able to take subjects from other modalities and design their own curriculum on demand.

The five high school itineraries.

The five high school itineraries.



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