Pierre Bruneau at the helm of election night

The news anchor Pierre Bruneau will pilot Monday’s election night at TVA and LCN with a whole team of collaborators and journalists on the ground across Quebec.

Mr. Bruneau, who sees his job as that of a hockey head coach, intends to send his best players to the ice to popularize and explain the results to Quebecers.

“I was a“ Face-to-Face ”referee and I’m going to be a“ coach ”Monday night to put the light in the right places,” said Mr. Bruneau in an interview with the QMI Agency.

Not depriving himself of sporting analogies, the one who has nearly thirty election nights to his credit – including the federal, Quebec City, municipal and United States elections – said that the meeting Monday’s you is, for him, like the seventh game of the Stanley Cup Final.

“Election night is like a hockey final,” he added. We set the table with the “Face-to-Face”, then there were the interviews made with each of the chefs and that evening, people want to have the results and know how it goes. ”

From 6.30 p.m. at LCN, and from 7.30 p.m. on TVA, the special “Fédérale 2021” will bring together his usual collaborators Mario Dumont, Paul Larocque, Emmanuelle Latraverse and Jean-Marc-Léger around Mr. Bureau.

As she spoke to Emmanuelle Latraverse on Thursday, she was studying Atlantic ridings and preparing for rehearsals scheduled for the weekend.

“You can’t be too prepared. Everything you have done upstream is used for live analysis. What I really love about election night is that I have as much fun preparing it as doing it, ”said the journalist, who, at each election, looks like everything in a notebook. ‘There is information on the constituencies at stake. And at the federal level, we are talking about 338 constituencies.

The “jousters” will be there

“La Joute” analysts Luc Lavoie, Thomas Mulcair and Caroline St-Hilaire will also enlighten viewers during election night, in addition to the participation of QUB radio host Philippe-Vincent Foisy.

For Ms. St-Hilaire, who was a member of the Bloc Québécois and mayor of Longueuil, this will be her first appearance on the set of election night with her colleagues from TVA and LCN, whom she greatly esteems.

“It’s the best political analysis team in Quebec, it’s very varied. As for the result, it is the total unknown. We think we are moving towards a minority government and I am particularly anxious to see the participation rate, ”she underlined.

Interactive map

This year, an interactive electoral map developed for TVA Nouvelles will allow journalist Pierre-Olivier Zappa to show results as if he were armed with a political microscope.

“With technology, everything has evolved rapidly. We are going to have a brand new interactive map this year, ”mentioned Mr. Bruneau.

In addition to relying on 16 journalists across Quebec, TVA cameras will be present in party headquarters. Raymond Filion will be with the Liberals in Montreal, Olivier Ferron-Boissé alongside the Conservatives in Durham, Claudie Côté surrounded by New Democrats in Vancouver and Julie Marcoux with the Bloc in Montreal.


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