Pick-up strikes restaurant near Listowel

It was not a typical morning at Country Sisters Restaurant.

Just a few minutes before opening, a pickup truck came careening into the building.

“My sister looked out first and said to me, there’s a pickup in our dining room,” said Co-owner Carol Wideman.

The crash happened just before 7 am when police say a pickup truck driven by a 41-year-old from Palmerston left Highway 86 and drove through a field before slamming into the side of the restaurant.

Amazingly, the driver was the only one injured, suffering a few cuts and bruises says a friend. He has since been treated and released from hospital.

“It happened five or 10 minutes before opening. Usually the girls are over there getting things set up for the day. We’re just so glad we hadn’t gotten to that, yet,” said Wideman.

Sarah, a close friend of the driver of the vehicle, says he told her he suffered a seizure, which is what led to the crash.

She tells CTV News the driver didn’t have a license for awhile due to his epilepsy, but had been episode free for five years, until Wednesday.

Police say they’re still investigating what led to the crash.

This isn’t the first time bad luck has hampered business for Country Sisters. The restaurant, located between Listowel and Waterloo, burned to the ground two years ago.

It was recently rebuilt and Wideman said this damage, like the fire, can be fixed and they’re just happy no one was seriously injured.

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