Philosophy and lies, by Carles Francino

I will not use your last name out of respect and because it is not essential either. We called him The flea; He was a brother of La Salle who was not exactly noted for his tall stature; Let’s say he would have had it raw in the NBA. Nicknames can be cruel but not deceiving. He was my first contact with philosophy; with the history of philosophy, to be more exact, given that in the Palaeolithic – that is, when I was studying – quotes from Socrates, Heraclitus or Epicurus, also their biographical data, were quoted up. But the ethical doubts applied to real life, questions about existence, morals or religion, were not part of the landscape. Spain still smelled of Franco.

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Several decades later, and after a breakthrough driven largely by the courage and passion of those who spread it, the philosophy is experiencing a paradox: large companies around the world, starting with the hypermodern ones in Silicon Valley, are fighting over sign philosophers; but the subject lose weight in our school curriculum. It is no wonder that teachers from all over the country have shouted to the sky and call protest acts, coinciding with World Philosophy Day. One of them is called José Carlos Ruiz. With many shots hit as a high school teacher, now he teaches at the university to avoid -he says- “that we are imbeciles & rdquor ;; and remember the etymology of the word: “imbecile is the one who does not have a cane & rdquor ;. Author of ‘Philosophy Against Discouragement’, this Cordovan, who could not be confused with Gasol, cries out for a bolder cultivation of critical thinking, that allows us to travel through this hurried life, through the empire of transience. José Carlos is trilling with the flagrant breach of the commitment that all the parties had made so that philosophy had a teaching itinerary of at least three years. I understand your anger. But it will be necessary to remind him what he said Nietzsche: “Lying is no longer something that belongs to morality, it has become a conscious deviation from reality & rdquor ;. Well, that: liars. And morons.

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