Philosophical questionnaire | “I create where I am bored”

Once a month, The Pressinspired by the magazine’s “Socrates Questionnaire” Philosophy, questions a personality on the big questions of life. This Sunday, comedian Katherine Levac, on tour in Quebec, including in Montreal on March 27, with her new show The man of my lifeanswers our questions.

Who am I ?

A woman with sensitive skin and heart, but especially skin, who very rarely lives in the present moment; I love looking forward to it and I revel in nostalgia.

A comedian, who dreams of being as authentic in real life as she is on stage, a playful mother, a loving admirer, a sister who we help. A girl who depends, nourishes, inspires and finds motivation in others.

Are we free?

Freedom is being yourself, it’s full of good and sweet things, but it’s demanding, like everything that soothes me, it’s demanding, there’s nothing free in freedom. life, not even a small Cook It box. There is nothing free except love, you have to love to be free. And give up Instagram partnerships.

What do you remember from your education?

That passion is not enough, that we must do and undo, start again forever, not count the hours, and above all, that we will always remain dependent on the weather. I grew up on a farm.

A thinker/philosopher/author who has been with you for a long time?

Daniel Bélanger, he sums up my general state, puts his finger on everything, organizes my thoughts and my emotions for me, I love him out of laziness, deep down.

What torments your conscience?

The children we don’t encourage enough. The children we disappoint.

The most surprising thing you’ve done for love?

Be myself and drink less Diet Coke.

The perfect place or state of mind?

In the winter, in a snowstorm, no one can leave my house and I force all my friends to play werewolf while eating a dip three layers of salsa/guacamole/cream cheese. Our children are there, giving us a rehearsed show in the basement, during their nap we watch old people Radio-Hell and I cry at the last episode when Carl says goodbye on the radio.


Katherine Levac at the Olivier gala last year

An advantage of being selfish?

In the long term, I don’t see any, but quickly the same, it can be practical to get on a stage and believe that you can have some impact in the lives of strangers. The ego is vital and human, but you have to know how to use it well. For me, it comes from those around me. The humans who gravitate around me are people of superior quality to whom I owe quite a bit everything. I can’t do anything alone, especially not managing my narcissism.

A quality you will never have?

Mastery of my body, kinesthetic intelligence. I would love to do hip-hop and be cool at a dance party. Everyone can dance, it seems, I confirm that not.

A recurring dream or nightmare?

I often dream of my old houses, the house with the blue stairs, where I was born, the Pocahontas tapestry house, the house in Ottawa, with the dirty moldings, the house of the condemned home in Westmount, the house where my babies were babies. I miss my houses, I often visit them from afar, I drive by, it’s creepy.

Your demon?

Compulsive buying of clothes under the pretext that “I love fashion and it’s also a form of art”. It’s neither ecological nor economical, I’m running out of arguments, I admit defeat and I would like Ssense to close shop because I don’t have the strength to give it up. It’s pretty useless also because I always wear the same old red Club Soly hoodie, it’s embarrassing.


Katherine Levac

A perfect place to dream and create?

I create where I am bored. When it’s boring, it motivates me to activate my artistic brain. I grew up in row 8 of the village of Saint-Bernardin, in eastern Ontario, and that’s why I became a comedian. I never understood how one could be nourished, inhabited by the urgency to create, growing up in Montreal: there are so many things to do! I would never have become funny if I had had access to the Biodôme and the HMV on Sainte-Cath.

A beautiful death, in your opinion?

Old, sudden. A “no problem” death for those around me. I want to die when everyone is okay, I don’t want to drag my stress as a mother into the afterlife, there are limits, I’m burned.

Complete the sentence: If God exists…

I would tell him: I hope you’re not still mad at my brother who decided to play Light My Fire in the church choir when we were little. It was his Doors pass, he had just gotten a new keyboard at his party, the opportunities to perform were limited.


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