I have nothing to lose. I died on March 5, 1994 when I had my accident. So all I live today is a bonus“.

Philippe Croizon was indeed amputated four limbs, after being struck by two electric shocks of 20,000 volts. From this drama, the Frenchman will draw a force that will push him to take on many challenges, such as swimming across all oceans and seas or finishing the Paris-Dakar rally aboard a buggy.

At 53, the adventurer now has his head in the stars. He dreams of crossing a new frontier… space!

Everything started with “a joke“As Philippe Croizon explains to us. Last year, a little before Christmas, he posted a message on Twitter, without thinking that the desired goal would be reached very quickly.

In fact, in two hours, his account exceeded 50,000 followers. Philippe Croizon can no longer retreat. That’s good, because he defines himself as “someone cheeky who dares things“.

Neither one nor two, taken at his “own trap“He tweeted Elon Musk introducing himself as”a french adventurer” which does not have “no arms, no legs“, to ask the boss of SpaceX to”send it into space“. The bottle is launched. But there again, Philippe Croizon does not imagine that a”guy who has almost 50 million followers“will answer him.

But, surprise, two hours later, Elon Musk replies: “Someday we’ll fly you on Starship“.

Since then the two men have exchanged emails. Elon Musk then put Philippe Croizon in touch with Jared Issacman, a “another american billionaire“. This 38-year-old entrepreneur, passionate about space exploration, has revealed in recent days that he has financed the first entirely private space mission, called”Inspiration 4“.

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Jared Issacman will be the commander and three other people – including Hayley Arceneaux, a 29-year-old American cancer survivor – will board a Dragon spacecraft powered by a Falcon 9 launcher, two devices developed by SpaceX. The launch is expected by the end of the year.

Philippe Croizon will not be on this first private flight, but he was invited to attend the takeoff by the two billionaires. And when he is in the United States, Jared Issacman assured him “that with Elon, we will discuss with you, to find a solution for you being for the first disabled person to go to space“.

“_We are not talking about the European Space Agency here, who recently launched the call for applications for disabled people“, laughs Philippe Croizon, because”it is necessary to have bac +5, it is badly crossed out; and you have to have arms. Again, it is badly crossed out! _ “.”My only card, my only chance is Elon Musk and Jared“he adds.

He also tells us: “I have learned something in my life journey. It was because we could ask for a hand. That helping hand, it had to be experienced as a moment of sharing. Me, it is thanks to the helping hands that I led all my adventures“.

Our man really hopes that his new challenge will come to fruition one day. He is certain of it, because “very often, we ask the question: ‘What is your best memory?’. My answer is: ‘My best memory is tomorrow!’“.

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This space adventure may not be his last challenge, as he assured us: “I still have a lot to go through. Leave me alone ! Let me live my dreams again!


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