Pharmacies in Catalonia carry out 240 000 tests in the school environment in 2 weeks

The person in charge of the intersectoral programs of Public Health for children and adolescents, Laia Asso, announced that there was 240,000 free antigen tests in pharmacies to Catalan students over two weeks, from the beginning of the second term.

In an interview this Monday in Catalunya Ràdio collected by Europa Press, Asso justified that the deadline to conduct the test be extended from four to seven days because the system of pharmacies have become “very stressed”.

He pointed out that the hypothesis with the most “weight” is that so many cases emerge in the school environment because many tests are performed, within the framework of the collaboration program with pharmacies.

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also excluded that schools are a “focus” of infections, although he acknowledged that the omicron variant made them more permeable – in his words–, emphasizing the effect by which the centers reflect the behavior of the virus in society.

Finally, he denied it be discriminatory as quarantines when there are positive aspects in the classroom is limited to non-immunized students: “Your protection is being sought.”

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