Petróleo texano pierde 2% of its value for a new context of dollar fortune and incummerumbre in las bolsas

The prices of the petroleum volvieron to pay the wages of the influence of the correction that sucks at the bursal markets, and a dollar that is fortalece.

The barrel of Brent del mar del Norte to enter March lost 1.84% in London to 86.27 dollars.

So much so in New York the barrel of West Texas Intermediate (WTI) for March added 2.14% to $ 83.31.

“We are clearly in a risk aversion context, since some days ago, and we have a lot of weight” lunes, explains John Kilduff, of Again Capital.

“The oil industry has recently risen over time to pull the plug and follow the rest of the markets,” the analyst added.

The prices of the petroleum followed closely around the maximum extensions of the past week, supported by the incidental period over the offer and in a context of escalation of tensions in the Russo-Ukrainian conflict.

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