Petróleo modera sus caidas luego de fuertes perdidas

The prices of petroleum volvieron to pay the wages on the influence of the correction that sacrificed to the stock markets, and a dollar that is forfeited.

The Brent barrel from the North Sea to mid-March in London lost 1.64% to $ 1.44 to $ 86.27.

Just like in New York, the West Texas Intermediate (WTI) barrel was up 2.15% from $ 1.83 to $ 83.31 in March.

The Mexican export market, for its part, pays 1.71% lunes at $ 1.38 to $ 79.14 per barrel.

Without embargo, despite the surplus in the last year, the WTI left 10.77% higher in January, the Brent 10-92% gain and the Mexican crude 1.01% this year.

“We are clearly in the context of risk aversion, since some days ago and we have much in the way of it”, explained John Kilduff, of Again Capital.

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