Peso registers its depreciation since September 2020

The Mexican coin registers a depreciation of 2.45% compared to yesterday’s Banco de México closing of 20.2646 pesos per dollar, a loss of 49.64 cents to the 20.7610 units in which it operates this Thursday, its worst intraday depreciation since September 23, 2020, when depreciated 2.82% and reached 22.3150 pesos per dollar

The start of Russia’s military attacks in Ukraine sent the Mexican currency soaring against the dollar since Wednesday night, and it has reached a maximum of 20.7870 pesos per dollar, erasing the gains that the currency had accumulated in recent weeks.

The rest of the currencies, both emerging and main, have come under pressure, as investors move towards the safe-haven dollar, in whose index it rose 1.09% to 97.25 points.

The Brazilian real depreciated 2.78%, the Chilean peso 4.02% and the ruble depreciated 6.84% to 86.6840 units per dollar.

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