Peso opera stable; aguarda announcement of monetary policy by the Fed

El mexican peso stable opera front to dollar estadounidense the mañana of these fairs. The local land division marginally margins while the market is preparing for the announcement of the monetary policy of the Federal Reserve (Fed).

The Central Bank of the United States will communicate its first decision this year and the markets will hope to receive signals on their next steps and between them the principal will be chronographed for a cycle of interest rates.

El cambio type is located at 20.6371 units by ticket office against an official cierre of 20.6239 units, with the register of Bank of Mexico (Banxico). This means that the weight returned 18.09 cents or 0.88 per cent.

The crucifixion opera has an associated rank between a maximum of 20,6399 units and a minimum of 20,5508 units. El Index Dollars (DXY), which used to buy a ticket against a monthly fee, increased by 0.08% to 96.03 units.

“Even though we are not moving [a las tasas de interés] “As part of the Federal Reserve’s high, the consensus is that it will be a signal for the March decision,” analysts from the Banorte Financiero said in a report.

The markets are also following the crisis between Ukraine and Russia. Some Western countries are intensifying preparations to respond to a possible Russian military action in Ukraine, leading to a deadly invasion.

For its part, Moscow has expressed its preoccupation with the fact that 8,500 United States troops have been alerted to be deported to Europe in the event of an advance by Russian troops on the Ukrainian front.

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