Peso is appreciated, but it records in advance its data on private employment in the EU

El mexican peso opera con una ligera ganancia frente al dollar estadounidense and profile their third progressive advance. The local currency extends its appreciation, although the report has known data on private employment in the United States.

El cambio type is located in 20.5431 units against the register of 20.5939 units of the cierre de ayer, with the date of Bank of Mexico (Banxico). This means that the weight is 5.08 cents, which is equivalent to 0.25 per cent.

The crucifixion has an agreed rank between a maximum of 20,5530 units and a minimum of 20,4810 units. El Index Dollars (DXY), which made way for a ticket with a six-month reference list, rose -0.48% to 95.92 units.

The contracts of the private sector of the United States, the main commercial company of Mexico, will be reduced to 301,000 in January, depending on the forecast, according to a report by the ADP nominees published this month.

“It is a negative impact model that can generate the Omicron variant. It will be the first reduction since December 2020”, explained CI Banco. The dates are published preview and official dates of the fires.

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