Peso depreciates in jornada, pero cerra semana de ganancias

El mexican peso is depreciating against the dollar estadounidense, after the publication of employment data in the United States. Without embarrassment, the logarithm maintains a considerable appreciation during this week.

El cambio type closes operations in 20,6693 units in front of 20,8575 units the four passed with dates of Bank of Mexico (Banxico). This means a gain of 18.82 cents or 0.90 per cent.

In jornada, from a record 20.5757 units per dollar, the person depreciated 9.36 cents, equivalent to 0.46 per cent. It’s a shame to know the report of the nominee in the agricultural state of January.

“The generation of employment has tripled the level estimated by the market. It has evoked the efforts of the Federal Reserve “Increase the speed of your federal funds,” said Monex.

On week, the cross between a maximum of 20.8477 units and a minimum register of 20.4810 units. El Index Dollars (DXY), which uses the ticket against its main parishes, pays in the weekly case 2 per cent.

The dollar has lost ground in the February issue of its haberdashery during the last week of January in the midst of preoccupations with the Federal Reserve and likely alzas rapid in interest rates.

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