Peso closed week of loss for restrictive post by the Fed

El mexican peso get depressed front dollar estadounidense este viernes. The local quarterly reversal of the quarterly form of consecutive debit to a green ticket forfeiture and concluded as a negative week.

El cambio type closes operations in 20,8575 units against a block of 20,7969 units, with dates of Bank of Mexico (Banxico). This means a loss for the 6.06 cent weight, or 0.29 per cent.

The cross-country during operations has a maximum of 20.9134 units, its mayor level from more than one month). This register is superior to the one that marked the week before 20.5725 pesos per ticket.

The depreciation of the Mexican division is due to an increase in the demand for dollar debited to a restrictive position on the part of the Federal Reservein its monetary policy decision, which does not specify relevant dates.

In its official communication of the announcement, the President of the Central Bank of the United States, Jerome Powelldijo que no hay forma saber aun la trayectoria de alzas a las tasas realizará en el año y que inician en marzo.

El Index Dollars (DXY), which compares the ticket against its six main pairs, gained 1.69% a week to 97.26 units (most weekly advance since June 2021). Tocó un techo también de juni de 2020.

It is said that the peso has a 40.95 cent accumulation of depreciation, which equates to a 2% semi-variation from a level of 20.4480 units.

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