El mexican peso is depressed front to dollar estadounidense for the second session. The local fairground pierte ante un fortalecimiento del tickete, with the markets waiting for the news about Ukraine ya la Federal Reserve.

Increases in tensions between Russia and the West lead to operators of the largest divisions, ahead of the Soviet Union’s invasion of Ukraine. In another front, the central bank of the central bank is vigilant.

El cambio type is located in 20.6701 units against a block of 20.6467 units, with dates of Bank of Mexico (Banxico). This means a loss of 2.34 cents, which equals a movement of 0.12 per cent.

The crucible operates in a range between a maximum of 20,6878 units and a minimum of 20,5730 units per dollar. El Index Dollars (DXY), which uses the green ticket with an integrated fee for its divisions, is 0.30% to 96.21 points.

Russia’s governor has warned that it is facing major incidents, despite the fact that the United States has mobilized 8,500 troops to flee Europe for a long time in response to a possible escalation in the crisis.

Thus, the inversionists hope for the Federal Reserve’s monetary policy announcement. It is hoped that the central bank will resume its monetary policy and be able to concretize its plans to subdue the interest groups.

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