The new Peruvian government seeks to pursue Alberto Fujimori for his alleged involvement in the illegal sale of guns to the guerrillas of the now defunct Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC) in 1999.

The former president was extradited to Chile in 2007 for seven counts, including crimes against humanity. One of them earned him a 25-year prison sentence for ordering the murder of 25 Peruvians executed by death squads acting to his knowledge during his 1990-2000 tenure.

Resignation of the presidency

In addition to this illegal sale of arms to the FARC, Alberto Fujimori left Peru embroiled in several corruption scandals, before fleeing and resigning from the presidency in 2000.

Already in prison since 2007, he is still on trial for other cases: in particular his alleged responsibility in the death of five women, as well as the serious injuries of 1,300 others, sterilized against their will. In the 90s.

The former president, father of right-wing politician Keiko Fujimori, is also on trial for his alleged involvement in the murders of six peasants in 1992 who were executed by death squads in their fight against the Shining Path terrorist group.

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