Peru will deny the landings of flights from South Africa in the remainder of 2021 to ward off the Omicron variant

Lima.- The Ministry of Transport and Communications of Peru extended until December 31 the suspension of air flights from South Africa, in prevention against the Omicron variant of the coronavirus.

The current suspension had ended at the end of November and the Government announced to extend the measure a day after Japan reported a case of the new variant of Covid-19 in that country by a traveler from Peru.

Local health authorities had issued an “epidemiological alert” to all health centers on Monday to identify suspected or probable cases of the Omicron variant in Peru, which registers the highest death rate in the world from coronavirus with respect to its total population.

Health Minister Hernando Cevallos said earlier that they were “tracking” the steps in Peru of the person who was detected with the new strain in Japan and who according to preliminary reports would have also been in Brazil in previous days.

“This is a person of Japanese descent,” he said. “We are following the probable contacts he may have had here,” Cevallos told reporters, after ruling out the appearance so far of an Ómicron case in Peru.

The cases of coronavirus infections in Peru amounted to 2.24 million until Tuesday, while those who died from the disease totaled 201,176, according to official data.

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