Personnel from companies that built Line 12 refused to testify before DNV

The latest report delivered by the DNV company on the collapse of a beam on Line 12 of the CDMX Metro, which left 26 people dead and more than 100 injured, detailed that it requested interviews with key personnel in design, construction, operation and maintenance. companies responsible for the construction of the work, however, did not receive a response.

In the section on interviews with the key personnel of the report, it was pointed out that the Norwegian company requested these meetings through letters from the Secretariat of Comprehensive Risk Management and Civil Protection of the capital, which were delivered to the corresponding company.

The consultant specified in the report that there were five interviews requested between May and August 2021; In them, the director responsible for the Works of the construction Consortium was sought, which was made up of Carso Infraestructura y Construcción, Ingenieros Civiles Asociados (ICA) and Alston Company México, as well as the expert from the same consortium.

In addition to the Works resident, Works Superintendent and Technical Superintendent, the three collaborators of OCE Civil Works and Structures, SA de CV

The interviews were requested to the entities associated with the consortium and relevant contractors. Said requests did not receive a response,” the report stated.

For this note, the CDMX government was asked to deliver the letters sent to the companies since in the disclosed report, although they are mentioned, they were not attached.

In response, the capital authorities stated that they only had the previously disclosed documents available.

It is worth mentioning that in the case of Grupo Carso, it reached a reparation agreement with the victims. While with respect to ICA, Alstom and CAF there is a civil suit for moral damages in a court in New York, in the United States.

Interviews with STC

In turn, DNV indicated that it did manage to conduct interviews, although only with personnel from the Metro Collective Transport System (STC) and Construction and Auxiliary Railways (CAF).

“The interviewees received a program and a general questionnaire in advance. All the interviews were carried out at the STC facilities with the assistance of representatives of the SGIRPC”.

The Norwegian firm indicated that the interviews conducted were used to identify a possible lack of controls which was further investigated during the root-cause analysis.

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