Permanent need to integrate MC and Plural Group

The Superior Chamber of the Electoral Tribunal of the Judicial Power of the Federation (TEPJF) stated that in close proximity to the Permanent Commission of the Congress of the Union are integrated legislators from the Party and the Movement of Citizens (MC).

To analyze the media of impunity SUP-JE-281/2021 and accumulated, SUP-JDC-1453/2021 and accumulated, the maximum electoral tribunal resolved that the Chamber of Senators should be established in its internal norms, during the period of the ordinary period , which initiated in February, a procedure to guarantee the independent senators or their parliamentary group a way of integrating the Standing Committee.

The resolution, which was passed by a majority of 50 votes in favor of the magistrates, was also established as an application for another type of legislative body.

The previous decision was dismissed by the senators of the Plural Group, and by the MCs’ deputies, presenting media of impugnance before the Superior Chamber, “considering that the group has no representation on the Permanent Commission and generates a vulnerability to its rights of representation, as well as access and ownership of cargo, are derived from their right to be voted on ”.

The empty decision, by the TEPJF, is historic and is the first thing the legislature can do to guarantee electoral rights.

Dejan de contar firmas

On the other hand, at the plenary session of the General Council of the National Electoral Institute (INE), on January 26, its president, Lorenzo Córdova, informed that due to the lack of resources, the electoral body should count the more than 7 million companies missing.

Dijo que 3 millones 27,845 de firms fueron validas y son suffices paro convocar al consultancy de consulta.

It was also reported that 24 units were filled with the required 3% of their Nominal List. Once these requirements have been met, the INE will abide by the provisions of Article 126 of the Annex of the Mandate of the Mandate Revocation, which states that it has increased its validity by 3.5%, the verification will be suspended.

In the preliminary information on the verification of the percentage of support companies, it was announced that companies of 572 people would be present and that 15,192 people would be bankrupt.

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