Peret from school. Article by Albert Soler

It looked like Pere Aragonès happy as a child with new shoes, And maybe he was wearing them, I don’t know, they didn’t focus on his feet. At home we were also happy, speeches at Christmas take away all the joy of the holiday, instead, Nobody finds out about Sant Esteve, we have enough to bear the hangover and digest the pitanzas of the day before. But all of these are trivial details, the important thing is that Peret was happy, Since they have put a child to govern Catalonia, we Catalans have buried the bad mood and we have stopped worrying about the republiqueta, the unemployment or the pandemic, now we are no longer pending that the child is happy, that he does not lack nothing, that he plays with the other children and that he is not stuck on social networks for too long.

In addition to being happy, He looked comfortable on stage, an elementary classroom, It must have been the same one in which he learns to read and write every day. If you can put a but to his performance, it is that he did not do it with a striped robe, surely his parents dressed him in a jacket and tie with the best intention, but before that it was only done on the day that the photographer came to school . I suppose that, yes, he would wear shorts with knee-high socks, but since we did not see his legs, that could not be verified either.

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And there it was, in front of a globe, it is known that the props in these images of the little students have not changed much in the last century. I went to the TV to see what the poster was next to him, hoping that it was something that really interested little Peret, that it was not something placed there by some older, who are very strange people. I was not disappointed: it was the rights of the child. How our little one looked at them president, knowing that you are protected by them! The fact that the president launches his Christmas message from the place that most closely matches his achievements and abilities, is the greatest contribution of the Catalans to humanity. Peret Aragonès from a primary school classroom, and telling Sánchez that, if he doesn’t give him what he wants, he is going to get angry with him, he was masterful, he just pouted when he said it, having started earlier with this beautiful habit , the two previous presidents would have delivered their speech from a psychiatric hospital.

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