Peppa Pig and Franco’s soul, by Joan Cañete Bayle

Each one is confused as he wants or as he can. The blunders are an expression of humanity, who has not suffered? Sometimes lapses say more about us than our successes or our premeditated acts. As children, we get confused and do not tidy up our room, or we forget (due to confusion, of course) to return the change of the purchase at the bakery. As adults, we get lost and don’t go to the gym, or at work we turn absent-mindedness into a heightened expression of procrastination. This week, two European Conservative leaders, Boris Johnson and Pablo Casado, they have been misled according to their own inclination and condition. To Johnson, lost in a public intervention the thread of attention and the breadcrumbs of the papers, took to speaking (and praising) Peppa Pig. It is what the British elitists educated in Eton have, that, just like Papa Pig, when they get covered in the mud there is no one who will beat them. Casado, however, lost his mind, took to appearing on November 20 in a church where a mass was celebrated in honor of the soul of Francisco Franco.

From all my heart I want to believe Casado when he says that everything was a big mistake, that he went to the religious ceremony by chance. The PP leader argues that he was in Granada on the occasion of the Andalusian PP Congress, that he decided to go to mass with his family and that he went to the temple closest to his hotel, at the time the parish church of El Sagrario, attached to the Cathedral of Granada, in whose facade there is an inscription dedicated to José Antonio Primo de Rivera and where every 20-N a ceremony is held in which they pray for the soul of Franco and tAll the Fallen For God and For Spain, thus, nouns and conjunctions in capital letters, as God intended. I want to believe it, because the alternative is worse: that the leader of the opposition and of the main conservative party in Spain would go of his own accord to a mass to celebrate the memory of Franco on the day of his death, he would say very little about him but also about his party and of this Spain that, although some insist that it seems that only a couple of newscasts do everything, in fact, it has been almost a century since it suffered civil war.

Cynical politicians

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Boris Johnson, one-piece populist, belongs to that lineage of cynical politicians that one day they invite you to visit the Peppa Pig theme park to pretend that you don’t know what they are talking about and another day the international treaties are loaded with the same joy with which the Pig family jumps in mud puddles. His absent-mindedness provokes a smile, and even some empathy, who does not like Peppa Pig, the most educational and polite face of the United Kingdom. However, Casado’s mistake, even though we think it was a slip, reminds us that in our particular theme park masses are said for Franco’s soul, historical memory would be a joke if it weren’t tragic and the Francisco Franco Foundation can indulging in the posture of congratulating the head of the opposition for attending mass. In our theme park, in this SpainWorld, It is so credible that Casado was confused as if notThat he really went to the Parish Church of El Sagrario for something done.

Confused or not, the truth is that beyond some fuss, Casado attending that mass will not cost him any bill. Imagine, I don’t know a German chancellor attending by chance (or not) a ceremony in honor of Hitler on the anniversary of his suicide in the Berlin bunker. Too often, Spanish society also has significant oversights and forgetfulness.

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