This Tuesday, June 28, the pride day and, to commemorate this vindication of the LGTBI collective, the TVE-1 program ‘neighborhood cinema’ was scheduled to broadcast this Saturday the 25th the film ‘Excuse me pretty, but Lucas loved me’, a film directed by felix Tasty and Dunia Ayaso in 1997. However, one of its protagonists, Pepón Grandson, has denounced through Twitter that the chain had vetoed the tape and was thinking of replacing it with another title, although it will finally be broadcast. TVE argues that it is a misunderstanding due to the rating of the film.

According to Nieto, two weeks ago he recorded the traditional interview that the presenter of the ‘show’, Alaska, performs with one of the actors from the film that will later be broadcast on ‘Cine neighborhood’. But he assures that a few days ago he received a call from the program informing him that, finally, it would not be screened. “There were orders from directors of the chain that the broadcast be suspended. They assured me that someone from the network would call me to explain the reason for the cancellation of the program, “says the actor.

An unsuitable fringe

“When I told you that I would publish this text, a director from TVE called me assuring me that they would show the film on August 6, which did not seem appropriate for this time slot. I asked him if the time slot for the show would change between now and August 6 and he said no. I am sure that if the film has not changed in the last 25 years, it will not change between now and August 6 & rdquor ;, continues Nieto.

The actor blames the decision to change the broadcast of ‘Sorry pretty, but Lucas loved me’ for the movie ‘You owe me a dead man’, by Concha Velasco and Manolo Escobar, that “there were rainbow flags decorating the set and even Alaska wore one on her dress”.

“I don’t know who is ultimately responsible for this decision. What I do know is that At this point, a film that was already programmed and a program that was already recorded are being vetoed, Nieto complains, noting that the film has a rating for people over 13 years of age, and that in the ‘Neighborhood Cinema’ slot, they can show films until they are over 16. In fact, in the last 25 years the film of discord has been shown three times.

‘Sorry, pretty, but Lucas loved me’ stars three gay roommates who fall in love with their new tenant, Lucas, a straight guy (Alonso Caparros) who eventually turns up dead, sparking the humorous plot.

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“How curious, in ‘Excuse me, beautiful’ there is also a dead person. It’s a shame we still have so many dead in the closets and that no one on our public television dares to dust them off, take them out and bury them once and for all & rdquor ;, lamented Nieto sarcastically on Twitter, which hours later announced the rectification of TVE. “They just called me from TVE and they assure me that this coming Saturday they are going to broadcast the program that we had recorded and of course the movie. Everyone to enjoy Perdona bonita but Lucas loved me,” he concludes.

From TVE, they argue that it is a problem due to the rating of the film, but that it has already been solved. This explains it Jose Pablo Lopezdirector of general contents of RTVE, which assumes responsibility for the misunderstanding.

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