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At least 70% of U.S. active duty service members received the first dose of the COVID-19 pandemic vaccine and 62% are fully vaccinated, the Pentagon announced.

Because it is important?: The news is a triumph for the government in its effort to vaccinate as many people as possible, especially after high-ranking members of the military reported in February that a third of the troops refused to be vaccinated.

– The response from Congress was immediate. In March, a group of Democratic lawmakers asked President Joe Biden to make the vaccine a requirement within the ranks of the military.

– Weeks later, the president did not rule out the idea of ​​a vaccination order for the troops; However, he assured that it was a difficult decision to make, so he left everything on the side of the military.

What do they say?: Republican Rep. Thomas Massie said he had been “contacted by members of our volunteer military who say they will leave the military if the COVID-19 vaccine is mandatory.”

– Within the Republican Party, his colleague Adam Kinzinger responded to Massie, whom he described as “naive.” In the opinion of the official for Illinois, the effectiveness of the vaccine should be sufficient to convince people who have not received the dose.

– For his part, Lloyd Austin, Secretary of Defense, urged active members of the military service to get vaccinated as quickly as possible: “The vaccines have been authorized by the FDA for a simple reason: they are safe and effective.”

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