Pelosi claims the price of the $ 3.5 trillion infrastructure plan will be lower than proposed

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (Democrat) of California said Sunday that “it seems obvious” that the final price of the Democrats’ spending plan will be less than $ 3.5 trillion. ) originally proposed.

The context: Late last week, the House Budget Committee advanced Democrats’ $ 3.5 trillion social spending plan in preparation for a vote this week, despite divisions among Democrats.

  • Democrats set a deadline until Monday to vote on a $ 1 trillion ($ 1 trillion) infrastructure bill.
  • Progressive representatives are demanding that the infrastructure bill be tied to the spending package.
  • The bipartisan plan, which aims to revitalize the country’s roads, bridges, ports and railways, has already been approved by the Senate.

What do they say? “Yes, that seems obvious,” he said on ABC’s “This Week” when asked if he would acknowledge that the package of measures would be less.

  • “I think even those who want a lower figure support the president’s vision,” added Pelosi, referring to the divisions among Democrats around the plan.
  • “We have to find our common ground and respect the opinions of others. It’s not about moderates versus progressives, ”added Pelosi.
  • The president of the lower house expressed her confidence that the bill will be approved and described the legislation as “transformative.”

Main source of the news: The Hill

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