Pegasus, the winged horse, by Olga Merino

On the roads of childhood Pegasus trucks reigned. They had the DNI painted on the trailer or on the flaming green canvas. Jacinta fruit and vegetables, Molina de Segura, Murcia. In the risky overtaking, you felt them vibrate through the window of the 600 or the Simca 1000, leaving behind a cloud of dust and diesel. They were very resistant vehicles, capable of driving along the very bad roads of developmentalism, sewn with potholes, cracks and flying asphalt gravel. To baptize them, the manufacturing company, ENASA, resorted to mythology, since the winged horse symbolizes the virtues of power and lightness, the same ones that, we suppose, will have inspired the Israeli company NSO to name its spy ‘software’. Seen what has been seen, the Pegasus system seems quite powerful, but light, nothing at all, since it leaves more traces than an obese diplodocus. If this cybernetic weapon is characterized by its strength and infallibility, How did the CNI not intercept the ballot boxes on 1-O nor Puigdemont’s toccata and fugue? Spying is ugly, serious, very harmful. In any case, the grace of the spy is to find out everything without anyone being cosca; otherwise, he turns into a lout, and the Pegasus smuts.

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According to Greek mythology, as messy as Spanish politics, the fabulous horse Pegasus was born from the blood shed by Medusa, the gorgon who had snakes instead of hair, after her head was cut off. Here the heads of Paz Esteban, director of the CNI, and Margarita Robles have already been asked to roll. It could be accepted that it does not seem very prudent to change the head of Defense with a war in the middle of Europe, but the explanations given are few and very unconvincing. What happens to those spied on without judicial permission? who did it? Nor is it too reassuring that the mobile was bossed around by the minister and President Pedro Sánchez. Were they ‘hacked’ by a state department that goes by itself, without control? Or was it Rabat? If it is confirmed that Moroccan secret services are behind the scandal, the Sahara issue, the sudden swerve in Spanish foreign policy, could take on a very cloudy light. But perhaps it is a pathological excess of spy movies in the brain.

Cases of Assange and Snowden have already shown the planetary scope of espionage, even on citizens who do not paint anything. Just this week, it was revealed that an American company, called SapheGraph, can track and identify women who access abortion clinics. Terrible. Slowly and subtly freedoms are curtailed on the back of the indomitable colt of hypertechnology. Following the thread of the myth, the owner of the flying horse was called Belophon. To punish his audacity, because he wanted to be part of the gods of Olympus, Zeus sent a horsefly to sting Pegasus, that he turned and unhorsed the rider. Crippled forever, he wandered until his death.

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