Oriol Junqueras has demanded of Pedro Sanchez “guarantees” that the espionage “will not be repeated”, as one of the terms essential if the State Executive really wants to rebuild trust with Catalan. In an interview with the newspaper ‘El País’, the ERC leader has come to ensure: “We’re here to help if responsibilities are taken and it doesn’t happen again.”

The president of Esquerra hopes that the meeting that Pedro Sánchez proposed to Pere Aragones serve for “ensure transparency”, to establish an “assumption of responsibility” and ensure that there will be no more cases of espionage. Junqueras avoids saying who has to resign, but he does believe that “someone has to take responsibility” in an espionage scandal that may also have as victims the president of the Spanish government, the defense minister, Margaret Oaks, and the former Minister of Foreign AffairsArancha González Laya.

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On the other hand, Junqueras stresses that the Secrets Commission will not be enough for the State to give the explanations that ERC deems appropriate. “Confidence is not restored through mechanisms that do not allow explanations to be given to public opinion. They will have to be given in a broader context,” she stressed.

Finally, Junqueras has responded to the criticism from Junts per Catalunya and the CUP for the ERC’s support for the Sánchez government: “We are not here to overthrow governments or to support the state government. If the Government makes decisions favorable to citizens, we will agree“. One of these favorable decisions, he stressed, “It’s knowing they’re not spying on you.”

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