Pegas, Rejoneo and Equestrian Show in La México

A great equestrian show by Domecq was the beginning and culmination of the bullfight held in the Plaza México, the rejoneadores were in search of the big triumph but the failures with the death rods prevented them from cutting appendages while the Forcados Amadores from Mexico were recognized for their courage and bravery.

The equestrian symphonic show began with ‘Reiendas Largas’, ‘Carrusel en Ancas’, ‘Tándem’, ‘Escaramuzas’, ‘Floreo de Soga’ and ‘Estampa Mexicana’, with colorful costumes, good luck to the high school that were highly applauded by the attending public and a family atmosphere that recognized the dressage and handling of the mounts.

The rejoneadores, Jorge Hernández Gárate, dressed in the Portuguese way, left the square; Emiliano Gamero, dressed in the Charra style and Fauro Aloi, who dressed in the Andalusian way, accompanied by the Forcados Amadores from Mexico to deal with copies of the Guanajuato livestock of La Estancia that presented well-presented bulls with varied behavior, at the end of the paseo A minute of applause was given to the memory of the rancher José Roberto Gómez and the subordinate Beto Preciado, who died recently.

The celebration was opened by Hernández who faced ‘Pero no Digas’, and ‘Palmas Cuatas’ in which the placement of the flag on the violin stood out and the bullfighting from the side in which he interspersed completely turning his back on his enemy, waxing in a very showy way. Your balance; Return to the ring and silence after getting heavy in the supreme luck while the forcados made the respective hits on the first attempt and gave each other laps to the ring with a loud ovation from the second for René Tirado, Corporal of the group and Face of the brave bullfighters.

For his part, Gamero dealt with ‘Maestro Beto’ and ‘Capote de Oro’, in which ‘Letrado’, ‘Illusion’, ‘Jupiter’, ‘Checkmate’ and ‘Glamor’ shone aboard their mounts with which made all kinds of lots, from receipt to porta gayola to pole, jogs, placement of flags, bullfighting on the rump, prancing and getting his horse to sit in the ring. His balance was two laps to the ring in the company of the forcados who made the hits on the second and first attempts, respectively.

Fauro Aloi faced ‘Santanero’ and ‘Saeto’, before whom and after showing a bullfighting maturity in the placement of flags, rejones and bullfighting on horseback, he ended up going around the ring at the end of each of his performances.

Once the rejones celebration was over, the Domecq equestrian show continued with an Amazon carousel, other attractions both on horseback and on foot, for the triumphal closing with the Huapango de Moncayo and a very attractive Light Show.

For next Sunday at 4.30 in the afternoon the company announced a Caparica bullfight for José Miguel Arellano, Juan Pedro Llaguno and José Alberto Ortega.

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