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The president of the Government, Pedro Sanchez, has ratified this Tuesday its satisfaction with the Coalition Executive that it shares with United we can, and in the face of the disagreements that have been manifesting, he stressed, “more things unite us than those that separate us.”

Sánchez has come out in defense of the pact with the formation of Pablo Iglesias in his answer, in the control session of the plenary session of the Senate, to a question from the PP spokesman in the Chamber, Javier Maroto, who has reproached him for a lack of courage to put an end to the attitudes of Podemos that he considers to be those that really represent a democratic anomaly.

After friction between the coalition partners has increased in recent weeks, Sánchez recalled that this is the first time that there is a government of this type and reiterated that “experience is the mother of science.” .


The new Housing Law, the altercations over the imprisonment of rapper Pablo Hasél or the renewal of the General Council of the Judiciary (CGPJ) have been some of the most notorious clashes within the coalition government, although the most recent has occurred in the morning of this Tuesday.

During the commemoration of the attempted coup on February 23, 1981, Iglesias did not applaud the intervention of the King Felipe VI in Congress or the president of the Lower House, Meritxell Batet.

The purple party has been immersed in a political campaign for weeks to disqualify the level of democracy in Spain, stating that it is not “full”.

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Before entering the Carrera de San Jerónimo building, the leader of Podemos has attacked the Monarchy as an institution, against Juan Carlos I as the then head of state who stopped the riot, and against the very seat of popular sovereignty, advancing his speech before the media to that of Batet, president of the Congress of Deputies.

Attack on Madrid

Before the questions of the PP spokesman, Pedro Sánchez has urged Maroto to ask in his own party before coalition governments such as those existing in the Madrid’s community, where they govern with Citizens with the external support of Vox.

“I, as Prime Minister, I am satisfied with the functioning of the coalition government during this long year that we have been in office, “he stressed.

He explained that the Executive is composed of two forces that come from different political cultures, but he insisted that, despite this, “more things unite us – he said – than those that separate us”

What unites them has explained that it is the agenda that Spain needs for the next three years of the legislature and, mainly in relation to three axes: health, employment and social protection.

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