Pedro Sánchez equivoca, by Joan Tapia

Burden Relationships between the Executive Leader and the Leader of the Opposition nunca suelen ser buenas. It’s normal in democracies: one has a legitimate aspiration to continue in the cargo and the other to replace as many as possible. Pero the total ausencia of a minimum of contact between those who lead the great options of the country is pernicious. Entorpece toda cooperación y no ayuda ni a la gobernabilidad ni a la confianza en la solidiez las las institutiones.

And the auspices are more serious in moments of crisis. The correct relationship between Rajoy and Rubalcaba was fruitful when the suggested abdication of Juan Carlos I. By contrast, the crispacion and the institutional block never have side fuerte as in this legislature, when we are facing a global pandemic with serious economic and social consequences.

The culprit is difficult to signal because the work of the opposition is denounced – without reason – the action of the Gobierno. Pero hay límites. The activity of Pablo Casado, using the moment of the pandemic, the first of 2020, to get rid of the Government is one. However, the retrieval of more than two years in the constitutional obligation to renovate the General Council of the Judicial Power by the legal and established method – even the most reprehensible – that has been practiced in previous legislations. As soon as the pact was established and salted by the air through the reunion of Manuel Marchena, the president agreed, to announce the message of a leader of the PP saying that asi (with President Marchena) was monitored “by the back door & rdquor ; the Second Chamber of the Penal Court, which judges the prosecuted politicians.

What Pedro Sánchez and Pablo Casado are the only ones who have seen this week in the legislature, the last in September 2020, is aberrant and contributes to the current level of crispacion and the policy-making disorder. It is understood that Pedro Sanchez denies the opposition practiced by Pablo Casado that no one as president and synonymous with the “the occupation of Moncloa & rdquor ;. Pero contestar con lo de donde las dan, las toman es olvidar que his obligation is governing and, therefore, maintain communication with the leader of the opposition. Alguien says that Sanchez is contesting the mano in the ojo a quienes antes se la han metido el. It is not a good standard, but with the leader of the opposition, with the independence of the shareholder or the shareholder with whom he owns his functions.

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Pablo Casado’s move may be what he called Moncloa when the crisis of the mass entry of immigrants in Ceuta auspicated by Marruecos. The relations with the vecino del sur deben pesar more than the games between Gobierno and opposition. And now when the crisis with Russia begins to unfold in the world and Josep Borrellthe ‘Minister of Exteriors’ of Europe, said that we are in the most glorious moment since the end of the Free War and we are embroiled in the threat of a military conflict in our continent & rdquor ;, it is not clear that Pedro Sánchez was not involved with Pablo Casado. He stated that he was the leader of the opposition and that, in his ever-declining tone, he called the president to express his support for the issue of the phrase ‘Blas de Lezo’ in the Black Sea.

Sanchez has lost a major actuarial act that requires him to ask the PP to help him labor reform: think in the general interest of the country. Esta vez -y ya van dos- Casado ha sido más habbil al descolgar el telephon. The concert over the crisis in Ukraine should start with all the antipathies.

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