At the Hotel Barceló Sevilla Renacimiento, the location where his re-election as mayor was celebrated, Espadas has begun to narrate what will be his project for the PSOE to return to the Junta de Andalucía. It has had the support of the Minister of Finance, Maria Jesus Montero; the deputy secretary general of the PSOE, Adriana Lastra, or the organizational secretary, Santos Cerdán.

The massive event has brought together militants with many masks and a short safety distance. Ángeles Férriz, PSOE spokesperson in the Andalusian Parliament, has been in charge of initiating the official presentation of Swords. Has claimed “unity and reunion” in the PSOE-A to “close wounds and conquer the future.” To do this, he has opted for Swords that “add and multiply and not subtract and divide.”

Speech by Pedro Sánchez in Seville in support of Juan Espadas

Under the watchful eye of Sánchez, Espadas thanked the “players on his team” for their work that “they exercise courage.” He explained that the PSOE-A primaries marked a course in which he opted for “change in the face of continuity renewing ourselves to be stronger. ”

“It was necessary to change to be stronger and be united in a common project,” he underlined in the act to which the outgoing secretary general, Susana Díaz, has not attended. Espadas has been the only one with words towards the absent former president of whom he has valued her “example of transition.” “Your support makes us all more united without distrust.”

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In his speech, he has outlined what will be his steps to strengthen the party and return to the Palace of San Telmo. To do this, it has opted for municipalism, the role of militancy and the importance of equality and youth throughout this process.

“Recover the illusion”

The witness Pedro Sánchez has followed, who has celebrated his election as Andalusian leader. “I congratulate you on renew and recover the illusion in Andalusia“, he said, highlighting his commitment to municipalism and” close “politics.” We have to be brave again and I am convinced that Juan will be an ally as president of the Junta de Andalucía “, he added.

During his speech, he assessed the role of Andalusia as a key element for the economic recovery of Spain, a process that leads to the advancement of vaccination. In this sense, he pointed out that next week 50% of Spaniards will have the complete guideline.

“Bad times run for the defeatists and for those who want Spain to resign,” he pointed out. To do this, it has outlined the challenges of the country in which it will work until 2023. Among them, modernization, reindustrialization or the demographic challenge for what will present a 10 billion euro package at the next Conference of Presidents.

“It is an honor to be in Seville”, Pedro Sánchez has highlighted on several occasions while entrusting Juan Espadas with what will be his main objective at the head of the PSOE-A. “Win the elections in Andalusia and renew the projects in the region”, it is finished.

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