The President of Peru, Pedro Castilloannounced the Monday that he will replace his prime minister Mirtha Vásquez and reorganize his moderate Izquierda cabinet, in a new crisis in the mandate management that will seek its third governing team a few months from now.

The decision is produced after the meeting of the Minister of the Interior, Avelino Guillénwhich seeks the support of the Prime Minister in his intention to renovate high-ranking officials of the police accused of imminent corruption.

“As always he has been announced in my interventions, the cabinet is constantly evaluating. For his own reason, he decided to renovate and form a new team”, Castillo said on Twitter. “We will follow the truck of the landlord for the good of the country”, aggregate.

Castillo había announced in the night of the domingo that accepted the reunion of Guillén, together with the decision of the Commander of the National Police, Javier Gallardoin the midst of disputes over the relevance and ascents of these key cargoes.

It is not clear whether Castillo, who will serve until the end of July and has been appointed to Vásquez in October, will ratify some of the 19 officials who comply with his cabinet.

The Minister of Economy, Pedro Franckehas shown more temperament in his response to the renowned Guillén.

“I express my solidarity with Avelino Guillén, a paladin in defense of human rights. In the cabinet there is a point in the air against corruption”, Francke affirmed via Twitter. “I am sure that we will find ourselves in the loop for a better peace,” the minister said.

Riesgos en el corto plazo

Vásquez calmed down the inversionists through the months of the early twentieth century, which sent to the local world at least historical times in the midst of the preoccupation with the economy of the second largest global cobra producer.

In his Twitter dissemination card, now the Minister has stated that the decision to lift the cargo “precedes the impossibility of logging consensus in favor of the country”.

The cabinet of ministers is produced in the middle of castles of Castillo with a Congress dominated by the opposition and whose intent was to initiate a mandate-making process alleging moral incapacity to govern.

Assimilation, the political climate has led to protests against the mining sector and fiscal investigations into alleged corruption and trafficking in the government.

“This should raise the perception of risk in the short term”, said Reuters the Minister of Economy Alonso Segura, about the announcement of a cabinet renovation.

“Two variables are to be determined. The first, which is fast design and how to perceive the new cabinet”, affirms. “Secondly, what is the position of the banks in the Congress, if there is a new intention of vacation (resolution)”, agregó.


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