Peak LP gas prices rise slightly

The maximum prices of liquefied petroleum gas increased slightly after three weeks of falls, as observed in the decree that the Energy regulatory commission (CRE) published with the maximum price list in the 145 regions established since last August, for the week of November 14 to 20 and an increase in the costs of the Mexico City.

The kilogram of gas LP that is distributed in cylinders of 20 and 30 kilograms in the capital will have an increase of 54 cents per kilo and will be sold at 24.75 pesos per kilogram, because the previous week it was marketed at 24.21 pesos per kilogram.

This means that consumers will be able to buy the used cylinder by more than 70% of the population, weighing 20 kilos, at a maximum price of 494.80 pesos, according to the decree of the energy regulator to keep distributors’ margins lower than last year, despite the alarming drop in spot prices of energetic in the world, they did not maintain their tendency to rising fuel prices.

Meanwhile, in the Mexico state There was also an increase in prices, since the maximum average price will be 25.20 pesos, while the previous week it was 24.27 pesos per kilogram.

Finally, in the main cities of the country, where this oil is consumed the most, the price will be 24.69 pesos per kilo, in Guadalajara, 26.10 pesos per kilo in Monterrey and 25.14 pesos per kilo in Queretaro.

In addition, the prices determined for this week will be 25.59 pesos per kilo in Guanajuato, of 24.33 pesos per kilo in Morelia, of 25.58 pesos per kilo in Pachuca, and of 24.14 pesos per kilo in Xalapa.

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