Paz Padilla’s message after his dismissal from Mediaset: “When you work with the truth you learn many things”

Peace Padilla was recently fired from Mediaset sharply and prematurely. The presenter was forced to leave her work in ‘Save me’ and in other spaces of the chain and after a few weeks without making a statement, it has reappeared on television to Give details of your forced departure.

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During her visit to ‘Preguntes Freqüents’, a TV3 program, the Andalusian has analyzed how all these years have been on the afternoon heart program: “I have learned a lot and I can only thank Mediaset for giving me these years. In the program there is not a single script. When we cry, we cry, when they get pissed off they get pissed off.” “When you work with the truth, you learn many things. You learn to understand, to be patient,” he added in space.

The comedian has been grateful for her time in the Telecinco format and has shared her current thoughts after her dismissal: “I can only thank you. In this life I appreciate everything even if it is something sad, since you always learn a lesson. I am who I am thanks to all the places I’ve been, even what I don’t want. In the next steps I take in life, I will take it differently.”

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