Partisan attacks | The CAQ apologizes to the opposition

(Quebec) The Legault government was repentant on Tuesday. In turn, a member of François Legault’s close guard and the Minister of Transport, Geneviève Guilbault, presented apologies to opposition deputies.

Geneviève Guilbault apologized to PQ member Pascal Bérubé for having claimed that he had used his MP email for “questionable events”. “Last Thursday, I should have been more precise and simply recalled that the (ethics commissioner) is currently conducting an investigation into the member for Matane-Matapédia in relation to article 36 of the Code in matters of use of state goods and services. My apologies to Pascal Bérubé,” wrote the Minister of Transport on the social network X.

The minister found herself in embarrassment Thursday after the revelations of a bereaved couple who told a parliamentary committee that they had paid $200 to meet her at a fundraising cocktail. Mme Guilbault held a long press briefing afterwards to explain himself.

“Often, these events are organized outside office hours, with personal emails. We know that, for example, Pascal Bérubé (…) is currently under investigation by the Ethics Commissioner, because he used his email from (the National Assembly) for questionable events,” launched Mme Guilbault.

However, Mr. Bérubé is the subject of an investigation for having used his email from the National Assembly in the context of the by-election in Jean-Talon.

Again Tuesday morning, leader Paul St-Pierre Plamondon demanded that the minister apologize to his MP. “It’s very unfair, unacceptable towards Pascal Bérubé because it’s false. What do we do at this time? We apologize (…) it is defamatory in the sense that it is not true and it aims to undermine the reputation of Pascal Bérubé,” lamented the PQ leader.

Marissal also receives an apology

The Prime Minister’s media relations director, Manuel Dionne, launched an attack on social networks against Quebec Solidaire MP Vincent Marissal after the latter recounted in an open letter that Mr. Legault called him a “thrower de bouette national” on the floor of the Salon bleu last week. This was linked to the controversy over the political financing of the Coalition Avenir Québec (CAQ), fueled by the opposition parties.


The Prime Minister’s director of media relations, Manuel Dionne (right), launched an attack on social networks against the elected official in Rosemont after he recounted in an open letter that François Legault called him ” national mud thrower” on the floor of the Salon Bleu last week.

“Vincent Marissal, the guy who entered politics on a lie. The one who, “according to my sources”, cut corners quite a bit when he was a journalist,” Mr. Dionne wrote on social networks. Mr. Marissal initially denied then acknowledged steps taken to become a candidate for the Liberal Party of Canada in 2018.

The Quebec Solidaire MP denounced Manuel Dionne’s comments about his career as a journalist and columnist at The Press. He demanded an apology and did not rule out a defamation suit.

His parliamentary leader, Gabriel Nadeau-Dubois, accused the CAQ of smearing his colleague with “online attacks” from some of his employees. “Since the outbreak of the CAQ political financing scandals, my colleague Vincent Marissal (…) has been targeted by increasingly aggressive attacks from the government,” he lamented, while demanding an apology. and not excluding recourse to the courts.


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