Parliament passed Juville’s speech to Borràs’ gesture

  • The president’s maneuvers to try to paralyze the Cámara accentuan the recelos in ERC and the CUP and chocan with the letters

  • The cups propose to Riera as relevant to Juville in the Mesa debit to its health problems

Laura Borràs search to symbolize that it does not correct the same mistake that its predecessor, Roger Torrental acabar acatando la orden de la Junta Electoral Central (JEC) who arrived at the scene and told a deputy that his sentence had been disqualified by the company. But if the words ‘president’, Quim Torrathe third body and secretary of the Mesa, Pau Juvillàhas been confirmed by the administrative court, although the Supreme Court did not convert the case. Superior Tribunal of the Justice of Catalonia (TSJC) en firme ni se haya pronunciber sober la petition de medidas cautelares. Y, in the meanwhile, the maneuvers of political gesture that shocked the Parliamentary staffthat it will not be disobedient and that it will lose the act of ‘cupaire’ to hold the credentials of the new parliamentarian of Lleida in its position.

The President of the Catalan Chamber of Deputies has held vows to inform the JEC of the media that he has complied with his dictation. A resolution that ya said Juvillà has been in office since January 20 and that the administrative organ ratified the 27th of January. The cup covers the name of my past entry, through the legal services the verbal communicator, as well as his assessor Maria Sirvent, who is me is not subject to Parliament’s withdrawal, although there are no official sources for this information. On the other hand, the Chamber of Deputies would incur a malpractice offense. At the same time, the CUP is active in the Mesa and proposes to Carles Riera in his place, even if it raises the issue of health that obliges Juvilla to relinquish its parliamentary activity if it is necessary to say that it has the floor.

Recelos en la Mesa

However, this is all, Borràs said at the Mesa meeting with the proposal to “suspend all parliamentary activity & rdquor; hasta clarifies which formulas can be activated in defense of Juvillà’s scan. A Mesa to the effect that no fire is impeded by its heat and that it is converted into a shock in various bands: by a barn, the PSC alerting that no podium will decree the cider; of another, ERC (and the CUP, from the pasillos) pidiendo que is “act of protest & rdquor; is not available for more than 24 or 48 hours; and, ultimately, the letters, which admonish Borràs de la falta de amparo in the regulations to carry out his intentions and the possible legal consequences. The embroidery ended with an agreement reached in which it was “proposed & rdquor; Frenar the cotidianidad of Parliament, instead of the groups that convene the commissions referred to in the agenda hasta jueves, when the citation of the commission of the deputies is prevalent so that independence has a new dictation in defense of Juvillà to plantar cara a la JEC. A commission, on its part, that changes men’s teeth from Junts and passes from David Saldoni a Jaume Alonso-Cuevillas.

El acta de Juvillà

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Borràs issued a statement together with other members of the Mesa and the deputy Dolors Sabater in the cargo against the injunctions of the JEC. It seems that volunteering was one photo jointthe relationship in the facilities distances much of this because ERC and coma Borràs noted that its margin of maneuver is short and da hecho que acabará actuando como Torrent and the CUP will draw a parallel pulse with the President, because in his case he will make the decision to release his act to Juvillà, ya que este no piensa renunciar. To the gallery, where the letters, officials and the opposition are, it defines that the cup itself is being deputed. Pero su health problem and the relevance in the Mesa aparca, at least one day, another conflict: that if Juvillà votes the documentation company, it can be impugnada. And this is where the hecho que de, según varias fuentes, la Mesa de este martes se celebrara sin el y no se pasara al mercoles como había solicitado la CUP. It’s because of what succeeds when Juvillà advertises the delegation of his vote by enfermedad o reclame acogerse a una posible baja médica.

The socialists demand that they be accompanied by what the JEC says. Like the rest of the parliamentary aristocracy not independent, it is a sign of the alleged paralysis of Parliament, a maneuver that will aggravate the “pantomimes” of Borràs advirtiéndole de judicial consequences.

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