The world hanging Putin and Biden and parliament were preoccupied with its war with the Supreme Court, seeking a new defeat that would make it possible keeps the flame of oppression alive. The episode caused by the disqualification of the CUP deputy, Pau Juvillà, is presented as an attempt to avoid an outcome identical to that of the loss of the presidency by Quim Torra and this is clearly a dress rehearsal of the case Laura Borras which announced that the Spanish judges would not remove her from the presidency.

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In the Torra case, the Supreme Court took 20 days to dismiss the chamber’s appeal and the presidency of Parliament against the option of disobedience and the consequent disqualification. We already know how it ended. It is difficult to suggest another outcome, which makes the Bureau’s insistence on following the same path even more absurd. A way like another to endorse the defeat by Parliament. Y It is difficult to see how the sum of failures favors the independence movement, except for those who believe in the inflammatory effect of victimhood.

The current struggle is waged with the same arguments as past and future skirmishes against the Central Electoral Council. In essence, one truth and two lies. The truth is that it is surprising that the disqualification can be applied before a final judgment, but there is no doubt that the doctrine of the TS endorses the JUK and its amendment is beyond the scope of Parliament. The two lies are the usual: Parliament does not have sovereignty (it can have it, maybe it should have it, but it does not today) and public officials do not have the right to use their official offices and institutional headquarters as billboards not. of their political goals and even less during election time. Sometimes one thinks that if the pro-independence leaders were as daring and brave as they were skilled in managing the falsehood they believed was useful, Catalonia would already be sitting in the UN.

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