• La Mesa kuso en marcha el 18 deerero el plan despées de tener conecimiento de los motivos de la dimision de la archivera del organan de transparencia

The crucifixion of accusations made on March between the late Mayor of Parliament, Antoni Bayonaand the general secretariat of the institution, Esther Andreudue to the lack of transparency regarding the licenses per oath, a kind of prejudice to the fact that there are 21 employees who are worth 1.7 million euros for the Chamber, except for a situation where the institution aborts and is a case of acoso laboral.

Next came the PERIODIC, the Mesa agreed the 18th of January, before receiving the Bayona map, enclosing the general secretariat that put in place the protocol for prevention, detection, abortion and resolution of acoustic situations psychologically through the archives Blanca Martínez about the behaviors of the letter. Ella, junto a Bayona y otra letrada, Anna Casasconformaban el Argan of Guarantee of Right of Access to Public Information (OGDAIP) and the three graduates are accounted for, and for distinct motives, in the embryo for the publication of the licenses by the date on which the Ara register is located. Now this procedure is active to dilute if it opens or does not expedite against Bayona and follows the trauma that establishes the plan.

On November 25, the archives, which work in the Directorate of Parliamentary Studies under the orders of the Executive Coordinator and which are subordinate to Bayona when the cargo with the mayor’s letter was presented, also presented to the General Secretariat as a member of the OGIP . In writing his resignation, as he has accessed this diary, Martínez reveals that he received “a extemporaneous respite and desmesurada, with unspecified accusations per contingent of not acting with impartiality and deslealtad & rdquor ;. A situation that considers that “it is not necessary for anyone to have a college organ that, like him, has the foundations of his work, the debate and the consensus and that he must base his work on respecting the people, his ideas y la libertad de expresarlas & rdquor ;.

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In a mail sent to the public regarding the licenses issued by the public, the archive is clear to Parliament staff that reduction due to the criterion within the OGDAIP no era was chosen “De igual manera & rdquor; al no ser letrada y por las Malas formas & rdquor; of his partner do not accept discrepancies about how to proceed to respond to the diary’s information petitions. For this reason, the Mesa solicits that the protocol against the psychological acoustics be activated, since it is the first time that a march has taken place since the 21st of December. In addition, the General Secretariat, which entered the Mesa writing of Martínez’s resignation, as well as the Bayona, will be reopening the body of the transparency body on 23 December. A month later.

The version of Bayona

The relation of Bayona, according to its motive, is that the demise of Martínez provokes the “block & rdquor; of the transparency body. Pero Andreu, in his communication, lo niega “rotundamente & rdquor ;. Hecho, the Secretary General assures that the motive that lies in the paralysis would be very different: “The conduct and conduct of the letter respect the other member of this organ & rdquor ;.

As for this, it has been pronounced against Bayona: “Querría signifies, ultimately, that I consider it very serious that the Secretariat General uses the Mesa the writ of renunciation of the archive -which holds in its power from the action of the months – without hesitation ninguna tramitación. If this writing was “sensible & rdquor; is unjustifiedly withheld. Quizas hay otra explicación & rdquor ;, deja caer. And so, he anticipates a poster communicated by Andrew: “Consider especially serious that the General Secretariat will sign a partial reading of this written to deduce the same superstitious action that is imputable to my person & rdquor ;. In addition, there is an internal investigation which considers that the General Secretary has “contrary to the general standards of the public service which require respect for the subordinates and the disciplinary procedures, which are based on the confidentiality and presumption of innocence & rdquor ;.

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Three types of information exchanges that Bayona eran incomplete, and “are not compatible with the principle of independence & rdquor ;, the letter was presented with a letter to Mesa on December 23 in which it states that” this organ is not in condition to guarantee the compliment of its resolutions & rdquor ;.

In the crossroads of accusations, Bayona does not believe that the person responsible for the information should not be bullied and that he should be able to see his own property as a person and functionary & rdquor ;. Andreu, in change, offers another version and makes sure that the letter “is in a position of legal superiority and morality, considered in the position of the world, without accepting the various interpretations that can contain the texts of natural law, and do not use it type of implication in the OGDAIP block that forms part & rdquor ;.


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