Paris | Special SUV parking pricing approved at nearly 55%

(Paris) Parisians approved on Sunday a project to triple parking prices for tall and heavy cars, known as SUVs, but less than 6% of voters participated in this vote.

A little more than 78,000 of the 1.3 million voters, or 5.68%, participated in this vote which created a specific rate for the parking of “heavy, bulky, polluting individual cars”.

Specifically targeted are SUVs, the English acronym for Sport Utility Vehicle, with characteristics combining “those of a passenger car with those of a utility vehicle”, and 4x4s.

According to the proposal from socialist mayor Anne Hidalgo, the user of a thermal or plug-in hybrid vehicle weighing more than 1.6 tonnes, or two tonnes for an electric vehicle, will soon have to pay 18 euros per hour for parking in the central districts of the capital, 12 euros for the outer districts.

Residents parking in their neighborhood and professionals, including taxis, will not be affected.

The deliberation will be presented in May for application on 1er September, indicated Anne Hidalgo when the results were announced at City Hall.


The mayor of Paris, Anne Hidalgo

The mayor welcomed a “clear choice of Parisians” in favor of a measure “good for our health and good for the planet”.

In the capital, which has already pedestrianized the quays of the Seine and greened 200 streets by eliminating traffic, Mme Hidalgo justified the vote by the fight against pollution, better sharing of public space and “road safety”, accidents involving an SUV being, according to the town hall, “twice as fatal for pedestrians as with a standard car.”

Antoine, 36 years old, came to vote with his family in the 10e district, in the north-east of the capital, regrets that the vote only concerns non-residents: “It’s a symbol, but it’s a start”.

At the town hall of 10e, where large posters promoting the vote had been put up, people mostly voted “for”. In a “very banal way, for ecological reasons”, summarizes Caroline, a 51-year-old teacher. “And we don’t need an SUV in Paris, frankly…”

“It takes up too much space, it pollutes and it hinders bicycle traffic,” says Jérôme, 59, bicycle helmet in hand.


At the town hall of the very chic 8e district, where SUVs are well represented among the cars parked nearby, the majority of us were “against”.

“The question is very poorly asked,” laments Anne-Marie, 71, who came to vote with her husband. “We start with that (…) and then we will ban anything. »

Jeannine, 75, is “fed up with (the) dictates of Hidalgo.” “We’re fed up with all these environmentalists,” she says.

The NGO WWF describes SUVs as an “aberration” in the face of global warming: they are “200 kilos heavier, 25 cm longer, 10 cm wider” than a standard car. And require more materials for their manufacture, consume 15% fuel and emit 20% CO2 more than a sedan.

Unsurprisingly, motorists’ associations castigated the town hall’s initiative, recalling that SUV is a “marketing name” which “means nothing”, according to Yves Carra, spokesperson for the Mobilité Club France.

For the right-wing opposition, this “demonstrates the extent of the manipulation of the City, which targets SUVs in its communication when in reality, any type of vehicle is likely to be affected by the standards submitted to the vote” .

“It’s part of a form of punitive ecology”, even if we have to “move towards lighter vehicles”, Christophe Béchu, the French Minister of Ecological Transition, declared on RTL.

Owners of an SUV because otherwise, “with two children, going on vacation is complicated”, Stéphanie, 40, voted “against” in the 8e. As a resident, she is not concerned for the moment, but “can see it happening”. “If you want to have a city without cars and without streets, you have to go to the countryside! », blurts out her husband.

According to the town hall, the surcharge would concern “around 10% of the park” and could bring in around 35 million euros in additional revenue.

This vote is the second in the capital, after the one which ratified the eviction of self-service scooters in April 2023.


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