Paraguay approves the use of the Coronavac vaccine for children under 11 years of age

Paraguay approved the use of the Coronavac vaccine against him Covid-19 from the Chinese pharmaceutical Sinovac for children from 5 to 11 years old, based on favorable reports from the health agency of Chilethe Health Ministry reported on Wednesday.

“They sent us interesting results (from the highest health authority in Chile) regarding adverse effects in children,” said the director of Health Surveillance, María Antonieta Gamarra, in a statement from the ministry.

“Now, the approval of Sinhoparm is in process, we are awaiting the reports of the National Administration of Drugs, Food and Medical Technology (ANMAT) de Argentina to finalize its approval, “he added.

The Coronavac vaccine will now be added to that of the Pfizer laboratory it was the only one approved for children in the immunization program. The ministry did not detail when it will begin to apply the doses to this age group.

Paraguay, which has 7 million inhabitants, reports 465,000 cases of Covid-19 since the beginning of the pandemic and more than 16,000 deceased. Almost 3 million completed the two-dose vaccination schedule and about 415,000 got the booster dose, according to the latest official report on Dec. 28.

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