Pandemic, inflation and now war ?, by Olga Merino

Call it my old friend Yuri a Moscow through the Whatsapp phone, which we sell for free, to find out more about all the things. Six degrees below zero will cover the invaders as well as the antes, y, as long as the tambourines are beautiful, contest: «War ?, but what war? How can we think of ways to play against our Ukrainian or Belarusian men? Series like amputarnos una pierna ». Its tan stretches the historical, cultural, linguistic corners, familiar between the three countries The capital of Russia, the first Orthodox slave city, founded in the year 882, located in Kiev, and Nikolái Gógol, author of Almas muertas’, great pope of letters, era of Ukrainian origin. Pandemic, inflation and war, what is wrong. Is Russia Apostro in the Military Invasion of the Donbass? Slightly plausible appearance, but the friend Vladimir Putin, the man who rode a bad luck discovered about a horse, he has don of the improvisability. I like to play at the descendant.

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