The senators and federal deputies of the BREAD that make up the Permanent Commission of the Congress of the Union They proposed creating a Bicameral Commission to investigate whether or not the federal officials in charge of managing the Covid-19 pandemic have complied with the law.

According to the point of agreement promoted, it is necessary to know if from the level of the Secretary of Health, Jorge Alcocer, to general directors of the branch “they have performed in accordance with the principles and guidelines that govern the actions of public servants, provided for in the Constitution Policy of the United Mexican States, and in the applicable laws”.

If the integration of the plural commission is approved, the proposal states, various responsibilities could arise from the possible findings, not only of an administrative nature, but also criminal and political.

“The Bicameral Commission must present a report as soon as possible, in which it recommends the measures to be taken in this regard, whether it is the presentation of complaints before the corresponding instance of the Ministry of Public Administration for the case of administrative responsibility, or before the Attorney General’s Office in the event that a possible criminal responsibility is detected,” the project cites.

In the opinion of PAN legislators, it is essential to investigate the performance of public servantsin light of what the law mandates in order to define the possible responsibilities incurred by the high-level officials who are in charge of the pandemic on the part of the federal government so that, in their case, they respond and face justice .

“Furthermore, in the case of officials attached to the Health Secretary, it is essential to determine if all its actions were implemented in accordance with the provisions of the General Health Law. However, it should be borne in mind that officials from the Secretaries of the Treasury, Foreign Relations, and others, have been at the forefront of relevant decisions on different aspects of managing the pandemic,” the proposal abounds.

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