‘Pam & Tommy’: the ‘sextape’ robe that changed the world of fame

  • Disney + train the fairytales, day 2, a series of eight episodes about the plot and distribution of the video of luna de miel de Pamela Anderson and the glam metal battery Tommy Lee

Between the trends in the series of figures history arranged of real titles, as demonstrating the imminent “Who is Anna?” (on the case of Anna Delvey, a German hereditary supporter of the elite neo-Norwegian media) and a pair of controversial company explorations such as ‘Super Pumped: The Battle of Uber’ y ‘WeCrashed’ (about WeWork, the period of ‘coworking’).

Antes que todas ellas se estrena ‘Pam & Tommy’ (Disney +, Wednesday Schools, Day 2), series of eight episodes about the movie of the moon of the moon Pamela Anderson (CJ Parker icon in ‘Los vigilantes de la playa’) y Tommy Lee (Mötley Crüe battery) and its posterior commercial distribution without the consent of the couple. Considered one of the first viral videos of the story, this ‘sextape’ myth (in reality more intriguing reality) is based on a celebrity class without the need to air intimacy.

History of a robo

Robert Siegel (guionista of ‘El luchador’) was inspired to write the series in the glorious article by Amanda Chicago Lewis published by ‘Rolling Stone’ in 2014, in what hablaba the mischievous ladrón of the comment: Rand Gauthier, hijo by actor Dick Gautier (the humanoid robot Hymie from ‘Superagente 86’), actor who grew up in more than a dozen porn movies Erica Boyer), more endowed with parecer para los cables y la carpintería.

The series premiered in 1995, when Gauthier (interpreted by Seth Rogen) working in a new and extravagant dormitory for Anderson (Lily James) and Lee (Sebastian Stan), who has no need to improvise about the market without making the necessary accounts with the workers. When Lee appears capriciously of the team and his money for pay, Gauthier plans a form of recovering money and dignity: to rob the cashier of the garage of the tortoises, in which he encounters, breathes joy, so that he does not hope and that he can more valor.

Del lado de Pam

Pero ni Siegel ni el director Craig Gillespie (‘Yo, Tonya’) actually appears from Gauthier’s lad, meaning that the mayor may have sympathy for Pamela Anderson, representing me as a caricature of neumatic rubia as a person of carnage and hueso, with its contradictions, equivocations and full conscience of the pros and cons of his physical retouch. If there is one victim in this story, it is: the victim of the charisma of Tarambana Lee and, above all, of a morality that juzgaba (que juzga) of distinct form to men and women. His career was strong enough to cross with it. (Y, bueno, also with this fun remake of ‘Casablanca’ called ‘Barb Wire’, in that for another lad also salia the actual protagonist of ‘El bobo de Boba Fett’).

Lily James (sí, es la misma Lily James que protagonizó la ‘Cenicienta’ by Kenneth Branagh) sabe dar delicadeza de matiz a la ‘playmate’ y socorrista ficticia. Aunt James as Stan pierced his characters, thanks in part to a class of prosthetic tricks, including piercings in Stan’s characters. Dicho esto, quizá resultaba aún más kreíble el Tommy Lee del rapero Machine Gun Kelly in ‘The dirt’, Mötley Crüe’s biopic trained by Netflix three years ago.

The belt that changed everything

The video of Pam and Tommy supuso casi an antes and despues for the culture of celebrity. Ejerció como transition between the two classes of fama: this night on the basis of respectability of distance and those that follow thanks to the availability or search. It is possible that Pam will lose possible work, but only one year later, the (supuesta) filtering of videos similar to the one affected in the careers of Paris Hilton o Kim Kardashian.

While so, Anderson seems to follow suit on this water. Quizá consciente de lo que se venien de nuuwe encima con ‘Pam & Tommy’, hace un año dejó Facebook, Twitter e Instagram. In his post he insured that he would not be interested in the social speeches and that he was related to the life he aspired to, “learn” and “be in nature”. Respect maximum.

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