Palliative care homes want to choose whether they offer medical assistance in dying

The bill that expands access to medical assistance in dying was tabled on May 25.

At present, 11 of the 36 homes of the Alliance of palliative care homes in Quebec do not offer this service in the establishment itself. The Vallée des Roseaux in Baie-Comeau is one of them, but did not want to give an interview on this subject.

This means that nearly 70% of the houses in the province already offer this service.

For its part, Élyme des Sables in Sept-Îles offers medical assistance in dying, but says it disagrees with the proposed bill.

Michel Bellavance, photographed in front of a fresco

Mayoral candidate Michel Bellavance

Photo: Radio-Canada / Lambert Gagné-Coulombe

According to its director general, Michel Bellavance, palliative care homes, as non-profit organizations, should have free choice.

Each palliative care home is independent, so to keep this independence and allow time to do thingswishes Michel Bellavance. We would like to keep free choice, which was initially law 2 in 2015.

Society evolves, mentalities change following discussions, following representations […] but from there to say: “tomorrow you are obliged to accompany these people [avec l’aide médicale à mourir]”I’d rather houses had free choice. »

A quote from Michel Bellavance, Executive Director, Élyme des Sables palliative care home

The general manager explains why at Élyme des Sables they have chosen to offer this treatment. We are a reflection of our community, of our board of directors, so it is certain that we are dependent on the evolution of this mentality in the region..

Alliance of disgruntled hospice homes

Consultations took place on Wednesday in the parliamentary committee to get the pulse of the stakeholders.

The Hospices Alliance had the opportunity to voice their displeasure and demand that hospices be given free choice.

Marie-Julie Schiember spoke at the Health and Social Services Commission in connection with medical assistance in dying.

Marie-Julie Tschiember asks that palliative care homes have free choice regarding medical assistance in dying.

Photo: Screenshot, Health and Social Services Commission

We hope that the dice are not cast in advance and yes we hope to have touched the minister and all the deputies present in this commission.launches the president of the Alliance, Marie-Julie Tschiember. To leave free choice as it is now since the entry into force of the law in 2015, to leave this article unchanged so that the houses can continue to choose whether or not they will give medical aid in their wallsadds the president.

These houses cannot be pressured into performing a care in which they are not comfortable doing so. This must be done in harmony with the values ​​of each. »

A quote from Marie-Julie Tschiember, president of the Alliance of palliative care homes

The one who is also the general manager of the René-Verrier house in Drummondville explains that the Alliance houses that do not offer medical assistance in dying in their establishment are currently moving patients to another place of health care. They do it anyway by accompanying the family and the patient in the before and aftershe explains.

The Government of Quebec hopes to adopt this bill soon, in its current form or not, before the end of parliamentary proceedings, on June 10.

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