Palestinian Foreign Minister denounces double standards in human rights

Geneva. A few days ago, the Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Palestinian National Authority, Riad Malki, criticized the double standards of the international community in denouncing the manipulation of human rights and international norms in the face of Israel’s advance in the occupied territories.

His statement was given at the high-level segment of the forty-ninth regular session of the Human Rights Council.

“The truth is that respect for international law, including international human rights law and humanitarian law, is guaranteed selectively, not universally,” he said.

He reiterated that the Palestinian people have suffered injustice for a long time and that Israel is still allowed to commit crimes.

He pointed out that in response to these crimes, the international community gives the Palestinians little more than rhetorical statements of concern while protecting the occupier.

“The double standards alone can explain the continued silence on Israel’s denial of entry to representatives of the OHCHR and other fact-finding missions,” he said.

“We want these egregious Israeli violations to end and for Article 7 to be no longer necessary. That depends on ending double standards and exceptionalism, ”she sentenced.

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