Palacio wants invincible electoral machinery

Despite the triumphant narrative, there was dissatisfaction in the National Palace with the results of the June 2021 elections and he consulted with an advisor of irreproachable trust: his son Andrés.

It was decided to assign the management of social programs and superdelegates to Carlos Torres, with clear guidelines on how to take advantage of the great power that they grant to those who control them.

He only responds and agrees with President López Obrador, no one else, aware that, well used, the superdelegates can be powerful and invincible electoral machinery that would allow him to govern for several six-year terms.

Inflation, the great variable for 24

Economists affirm that the inflation that overwhelms the Mexican economy is very complex, since it is made up of structural factors and external factors and they believe that they will not be able to contain it, only temper its harmful effects.

Banco de México announces that, although the economy seems to recover dynamism, inflation considers that in order for the 7.68 annual inflation of last May to move to the 3 percent goal, it will be necessary to wait for the first quarter of 2024.

That would be March 2024, two months before the presidential election and, if price increases fuel discontent, inflation could be a variable that would nullify the plans woven with such art for a six-year term. Reality would win over narrative.

The advanced science of Mexico

According to information from yesterday, June 1, Dr. Jorge Alcocer, Secretary of Health and the Head of Government of CDMX would be the authors of the study in which the presidential decision to cancel summer time is possibly supported.

They say that it causes a heart attack and suicidal tendencies, among other ills, which surprised many, because in the global world, some say, there are 70 countries with summer time.

They should sanction their scientists, for not discovering what the Mexican scientists discovered, because only the unwilling conservatives can assume that the conclusions of the Mexican study are political.


According to INEGI statistics, there is an economic recovery. If you take a good look at it slowly, you will discover that the recipe of the last century to overcome economic difficulties works wonderfully: emigration and its blessed remittances and informality that is still greater than 50 percent of the economy… To General Sandoval, head of Sedena, it is convenient for him to speed up the survey of those affected by the hurricane “Agatha”, to avoid that when the census is finished, the mud from the landslides has already dried up… The Secretary of the Interior, Adán Augusto López, has already discovered the side unglamorous of office. For now, his people are already wondering: on whose behalf?… From time to time the ruling party revives the figures of former presidents Ernesto Zedillo and Enrique Peña Nieto. Each one their fixations… To the Secretary of Economic Development of CDMX Fadlala Akabani someone should remember that the experience of the tenants is that every time the officials speak of “regularizing” them, it is about extracting money from them… The poet Manuel Machado thought perhaps in the INE and the 4T when he said: “Fatigues, but not so many, that by dint of many blows even iron breaks”…

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