Saturday, July 24

Death of Michel Auger: “A journalist of unfailing integrity”

“Rigorous”, “honest”, “passionate”: Michel Auger's former colleagues are full of praise for the man who paved the way for many investigative journalists who followed him. • Read also: Legal journalist Michel Auger has died His former colleague Jean-Pierre Charbonneau describes his mentor as a “great journalist” whose integrity was foolproof. “For me, he is undoubtedly the greatest investigative journalist in the field of police and criminal affairs that Quebec has known. He's the one who set the tone a bit, ”said the one who was also a provincial deputy. Specializing in the coverage of underworld and police circles, Michel Auger had a network of contacts that was the envy of his colleagues and his competitors in other media. “He was always one step ahead ...

Andrea Legarreta Magda Rodríguez: Galilea Montijo mourns death

Dismay in the entertainment world after the death of Magda Rodríguez became knownBoth Andrea Legarreta and Galilea Montijo as well as Burro Van Rankin and Paul Stanley said goodbye in a very emotional way to the producer of the Hoy program, as well as Maribel Guardia"And as surely you would have wanted, the show must continue," said LegarretaAndrea Legarreta Magda Rodríguez. A great impact caused the death of Magda Rodríguez, producer of the Hoy program, who was found lifeless at her home. Minutes later, both Andrea Legarreta and Galilea Montijo as well as Burro Van Rankin and Paul Stanley, as well as Maribel Guardia, said goodbye in a very emotional way on their social networks.In the first place, the actress and host Andrea Legarreta, who has been part of the Hoy program sinc...

Six Major League Baseball Players Receive Qualifying Offers

Six major league free agents, including New York Yankees handyman DJ LeMahieu and Houston Astros power hitter George Springer, received qualifying offers from their respective teams on Sunday. The others are wide receiver JT Realmuto (Philadelphia Phillies) as well as pitchers Trevor Bauer (Cincinnati Reds), Marcus Stroman (New York Mets) and Kevin Gausman (San Francisco Giants). All received a one-year, $ 18.9 million offer. This amount was determined by averaging the 125 highest paid annuals in the major leagues. Going there with a qualifying offer, the teams involved are guaranteed to get their hands on a draft pick if the player were to go to other skies.

Fauci alerts many damages due to the increase in COVID-19 cases in the US

Fauci alerts "much damage" due to the increase of COVID-19 in the United StatesThe United States "couldn't be in a worse position," Fauci said.“We are very beaten. It is not a good situation, "he added about the worrying increase in COVID-19 cases.Fauci alerts "much damage" due to the increase of COVID-19 in the United States. The United States government's top infectious disease expert has warned that the country will have to deal with "a lot of damage" in the coming weeks due to rising coronavirus cases.Dr. Anthony Fauci's comments in an interview with The Washington Post they contradict President Donald Trump's frequent claim that the nation is "turning around" the virus.Fauci said the United States "could not be in a worse position" to stop the increase in cases as more peo...

Girl imaginary friend causes surprise supposed ghost demon

Surprising photo of a girl with her imaginary friend inside a McDonaldsThe strange appearance of the child causes controversy among the people. Ghost or demon?The image has gone viral and until now people don't know what it is aboutGhost or demon? A surprising photo of a girl with her imaginary friend inside a McDonalds, goes viral and causes astonishment in people, this according to information published on the portal of Formula Group.This image has gone viral on social networks due to the strange appearance that the image of the supposed child that appears next to the little girl shows.And it is that although it is not known where the events occurred, everything seems to indicate that it was in Mexico and the images are already causing a stir on social networks.Image taken fro...

“You would not have taken away her husband,” said a follower to Chiquis Rivera when she spoke of the death of Jenni Rivera | The NY Journal

Although Chiquis Rivera is in the eye of the hurricane for its recent separation from Lorenzo Mendez and her kiss, captured by paparazzi with her new suitor, Mr. Tempo, This is not what they stressed to him during a “Live” broadcast, which later recapitulated the show of Telemundo, Tell me what you know. Turns out the show echoed the video of Chiquis where he talked about how difficult it was to face the death of his mother Jenni Rivera, among many other strong things that happened to him when he was still very young. For this reason she is convinced "That she is going to get through this hard time by staying focused on her work and on things she is preparing." However, a follower reminded her of the scandal in which she was involved Chiquis when Jenny still lived. In case y...

In Russia, mortality from Covid-19 would be greatly underestimated

Alexeï Rakcha, in October. NIKITA MOURAVIEV / "THE WORLD" LETTER FROM MOSCOW How do you say "whistleblower" in Russian? Alexeï Rakcha scratches his head, thoughtfully. Traitor? Balance ? Language - no more than the country's legislation - has the slightest clemency for those who go against the state. What awaits them, more surely than the television sets, are the criminal proceedings and the clandestine meetings given in parks. But Alexeï Rakcha, 42, is a rather special type of enthusiast: a demographer who loves numbers and accuracy. He is not the first, in Russia, to proclaim his skepticism in front of the official reports of the Covid-19. Others before him frowned at the low death rate due to the Covid-19 displayed by the ...

Infinity is a great open source option for browsing Reddit on Android

Earlier this year, I wrote about Comet, a great third-party Reddit app for iOS. As much as I like Comet, it's an iOS-exclusive affair and I use Android for the most part. Aside from the Reddit app itself, there aren't many cross-platform Reddit apps (Slide and Bacon Reader come to mind). While all of these apps are good, one Android Reddit app, in particular, stands out above the rest: Infinity for Reddit. What attracted me to Infinity in the first place was that it is open source. Over the past few months, I've come across a bit of an open source kick - open source apps offer some benefits over closed source apps and I've come across some amazing open source alternatives to the apps I use often. One of the main benefits, and I think it should be of value to everyone, is that open...

Which fruits resist cooking better without losing nutrients? | The NY Journal

Photo: Polina Tankilevitch / Pexels Cook fruits can decrease nutrients. In this process, nutrients such as vitamin C and B vitamins are sensitive to heat. Although there are also some like the lycopene in the tomatoes, which become more bioavailable, that is, they can be better absorbed and used by the body. The vitamin C content of a food may decrease when cooked or stored for a long time, explain National Institutes of Health. Boiling reduces the vitamin C content more than any other cooking method, some vegetables can lose up to 50% of this vitamin. Since vitamin C is water soluble and heat sensitive, it can leach out of fruits and vegetables when soaked in hot water. Some fruits or parts of them resist heat better and can maintain their vit...

Greece Little Giants Sánchez Gómez program

The girl Grecia who participated in the Little Giants program dazzles with her great changeGrecia Sánchez Gómez participated in the program just over 9 years agoBefore it caused tenderness and today it raises the passions of its followersGrecia Sánchez Gómez, the girl who participated in the Little Giants program dazzles with her great change as a teenager.It was through her account from Instagram @ grecia.anadalahi that the young woman today left a pleasant taste in her mouth with her great physical development and her fans expressed it with their comments.Currently the teenager has more than 4,400 followers, with more than 76 publications and just over 440 people that she follows on the social network.Image taken from Instagram @ grecia.anadalahiJust on September 2, Grecia Sánc...

The population of Old Quebec appalled by the attack of the day before

THE CANADIAN PRESS/Jacques BoissinotSome residents, taken out for their morning stroll, told The Canadian Press that they heard sirens and saw emergency vehicles' flashing lights, without realizing what was really going on.QUEBEC - The population of Old Quebec was shocked and stunned on Sunday after the disastrous Halloween night they went through. An individual, dressed in a costume worthy of the Middle Ages and armed with a Japanese sword, assaulted people he passed on his way, killing two people and injuring five others.Some residents, taken out for their morning stroll, told The Canadian Press that they heard sirens and saw emergency vehicles' flashing lights, without realizing what was really going on.Stanislas Thomassin, who lives just ...

Cuomo Denounces that Trump Would Marginalize Communities of Color from COVID-19 Vaccine Plan | The NY Journal

Communities of color were hit the hardest by the pandemic in New York. Photo: Stephen B. Morton / Courtesy NEW YORK.- The plan of the Trump administration to distribute and assign the vaccine against COVID-19 will not adequately serve minority communities, which were most affected during the heyday of the pandemic in New York, denounced the Governor Andrew Cuomo this Sunday. Governor Cuomo, next to the New York State Attorney General Letitia James and leaders of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) and the National Urban League, said the current plan would marginalize those communities. “COVID-19 has from the beginning revealed the underlying injustice and inequity in this society. The disea...