Page and Lambán, the only PSOE voices to reject support for Parot: “It’s a shame”

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The President of Castilla-La Mancha, Emiliano Garcia-Page, and that of the Government of Aragon, Javier Lambán, have become this Saturday the only discordant voices of the PSOE to express their rejection of the support of Henri Parot -one of the four ETA members who, among other crimes, perpetrated the attack with a car bomb in the Zaragoza barracks in 1987 – because it involves “paying homage to blood and cold-blooded murder,” as well as becoming a continued “humiliation” of the victims of the terrorist organization.

Sare, the platform to support ETA prisoners, had called for this Saturday a march in favor of Parot in Mondragón (Guipúzcoa), which has finally been called off, to be replaced by alternative acts in the squares of the towns of the Basque Country against “the life imprisonment” of the ETA members.

Two of the barons of the Socialist Party most critical of Pedro Sanchez They have not hesitated to rescue the “humiliation of the victims” that said perpetual tribute.

In his account of the social network Twitter, García-Page has spoken in relation to the acts of support to Parot that had been planned in Mondragón, and has considered that honoring him “is paying tribute to blood, violence, fear and murder Cold-blooded”.

“To honor Parot is to humble again hundreds of victims and their families,” said García-Page, who ended his tweet with the word “Memory.”

On the other hand, Lambán has also expressed through his personal Twitter account that he feels “shame and anger” for holding rallies in defense of Parot.

The Aragonese leader has described him as a “despicable criminal” and he recalled that Spanish society managed to defeat the ETA gang, although “a very dangerous filoterrorist pathology persists in the Basque Country and its surroundings, which must be legally, politically and morally fought without respite”.

In Zaragoza, as in other Spanish cities such as Madrid, San Sebastián or Granada, the Association of Victims of Terrorism has organized events this Saturday to show its rejection of these concentrations in favor of Parot and to pay tribute to the victims of all the attacks terrorists in Spain.

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