Paco León apologizes for the rape scene in ‘Kiki, love is made’

  • “Although we try to motivate the characters, it is unforgivable to have romanticized a systematic rape,” the Sevillian director and actor has acknowledged.

  • And, in turn, he regretted not having “the sensitivity to deal with the issue”

“Although we try to motivate the characters It is unforgivable to have romanticized a systematic rape, “Paco León has confessed on his Instagram account. The 47-year-old actor, director and producer refers to a scene from the film ‘Kiki, love is made’, which he wrote, directed and starred in in 2016.

The sequence in question shows a man who drugs his wife to maintain relationships, “of course without her consent,” clarifies the Sevillian filmmaker. “It is not easy to admit that you screwed up in the past now that it is not relevant. But I think it is relevant. That we all have a responsibility with what we do and the values ​​that we transmit. And that with the best of intentions you realize that you are also collaborating in the culture of rape. I am ashamed of it and I thank the people who have made me see it. I promise to keep working and learning “, he assures and adds: “I am very sorry that at that moment I did not have the sensitivity to deal with the subject and have frivolized with it.”

In the tape, the stories of various couples and their sexual phobias and phobias were told. One of them is formed by José Luis and Paloma, played by the actors Luis Bermejo and Mari Paz Sayago.

The character accidentally discovers that he enjoys having relationships with his wife while she is sedated. From there, you will not hesitate to do it repeatedly.

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‘Kiki, love is made’ is a ‘remake’ of the Australian ‘The Little Death’ (2014), directed by the newcomer Josh Lawson and that it also dealt with the same thing, with the sexual paraphilias of a series of strangers. In fact, that of Lawson it also includes several scenes around a rape.

In fact, when the film was released it already caused some controversy and now, five years later, Lion He has used his social networks to apologize.

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