Paco León and Carmen Machi will be part of ‘La Tribu’ on Antena 3

Antena 3 broadcasts tonight, at 10:45 p.m., a new pass of ‘The tribe’ in ‘El peliculón’. Directed by Fernando Colomo in 2018, the film stars Paco León, Carmen Machi, Maribel del Pino, María José Sarrate, Arlette Torres, Maite Sandoval, Marisol Aznar, Luis Bermejo, Artur Busquets and Manuel Huedo, among others.

Virginia (Carmen Machi), a professional cleaner and “streetdancer” vocational, he recovers the son he gave up for adoption: Fidel (Paco León), an executive who has lost everything, including his memory. Together with “Las Mamis”, the extravagant dance group formed by Virginia’s companions, mother and son will discover that despite coming from very different worlds, both have rhythm in their blood.

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